Thursday, April 9, 2015

Elsa Style Dutch Braid

I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love the movie Frozen. I am kind of a kid at heart, & still a major disney buff. It will definitely be fun for when we have kids, but for now I secretly think Jordan even enjoys watching them with me!

Wanna know what else I love? Braids. All kinds of braids. Although I am not super great at them yet, I am working on it, thanks to a lot of fun tutorials on Pinterest & the ultimate braid blogging queen Amber Fillerup from Barefoot Blonde.

This Elsa inspired braid is currently one of my favorites. & it is super popular. In the entertainment industry, on the runway, from my favorite bloggers, on instagram, & even lots of my friends & family! We are in a braid craze! There are so many different ways to utilize this dutch braid that I can't wait to try. Braided crowns, pigtails, buns, ponytails, & loads more! Check out some of my favorite variations in the media to the "Elsa Braid" right now.

{Refer to the Links & Image for Original Image Source}:

Voluminous Ponytail Braid
Blake Lively via BuzzFeed

Twisted Side Braid
Nina Dobrev via PopSugar 

Braided Crown & Side Braid Combination
Lauren Conrad via Beauty High

My favorite tutorials to get the "Elsa Braid" look are via Twist Me Pretty & Barefoot Blonde:

1. Twist Me Pretty's tutorial is literally titled "The Elsa Braid" & you can find it {here}

2. Barefoot Blonde's Side Braid tutorial is obviously amazing & you can find it {here}

Tips & Tricks I have found to be extremely helpful from my own experience:

+ Utilize texture. Dry shampoo I have found is essential. I always do this hairstyle after day 2-3 of not washing my hair. I usually only wash my hair 2-3 days a week max, dry shampoo has been my best friend, along with top knots & braids! This looks much fuller when you utilize dirty hair to create texture.

+ I personally don't use any hairspray. I think that it looks more natural, & less "put together" without hairspray. This can be totally up to you, but if you want an undone braided look, ditch the hairspray & pull out some wispy pieces! If you are going to use hairspray, the only hairspray I use is by Moroccan Oil & that is because it literally does not leave any "crunch." You can get it {here}.

+ You can utilize bobby pins but make sure they are either the color of your hair or that you fold them underneath the braided section. You don't want any of them popping out! It kind of ruins the look. Also, get some clear elastics! They make it look more natural.

+ KEY. You need to pull the braid apart when you are finished braiding. See the tutorial video/photos from Twist Me Pretty & Barefoot Blonde. If you keep the braid tight it won't look voluminous & full, & you will not get the look you want. Take each side of the braid & pull the strands of hair apart slowly so that they literally look bigger on your head. I know it sounds like your braid might fall out, without using hairspray/bobby pins/pulling it apart like I do, but the braid itself holds fairly tight on your head even with all this manipulation!

So there we have it! This braid is perfect for those no hassle days. Let me know if you guys are able to achieve the look! & find your inner Elsa! XX

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