Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Milkmaid Crown Braid

Remember Heidi? How cute is this "Milkmaid" crown braid? I know, I am kind of in a braid craze, but this is SO easy, that I just had to share. I mean really easy! You will love it. I know it is kind of different, but it is an alternative to keeping your hair out of your face vs. the top knot! I first saw this style of braid off the Rebecca Minkoff Runway via Lauren Conrad for Spring 2014, & it is still going strong. 

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Milkmaid Braid via Cosmopolitan for Rebecca Minkoff Runway 

I have found this style everywhere, from brides going down the aisle, to J-Law on the red carpet, this milkmaid braid style is red hot!

The tutorial I used to get this milkmaid crown braid style is via: Sweetest Somethings & you can find it {here}. She does a nice job of easily showing you how to achieve this look with pictures step by step.

Tips & Tricks I have found to be extremely helpful from my own experience:

+ Pull apart the braid prior to pinning it into a crown on the top of your head. When you have your hair braided into pigtails, make sure you pull the pigtails apart at the base of each section prior to pinning them on top of your head. See how Top Inspired showed this specific step highlighted in their "Braided Crown Tutorial" {here}. 

+ Again, as I have highlighted before, use clear elastics. Although you tuck each braid underneath one another when it is placed on top of your head, it is much easier to conceal the ends of each braid with clear elastics. 

+ Contradicting to what I have said before, with this specific braided hairstyle I do need to use hairspray, & bobby pins. I either use blonde or light brown bobby pins, & again, the only hairspray I use is via Moroccan Oil due to its light hold, & its ability to not leave any "crunchy" residue. The reason being is that in order for this crown to adhere correctly it does need to be tight against your head, & it looks better as a "polished" look vs. an "undone" look. See above photos I took. 

+ If you have short hair, this may require extensions. It is kind of difficult to achieve this look with short hair due to the inability to wrap your hair around to create a "crown" on your head. Not that it can't be done! It just may look slightly different, & you probably won't get a double crown like you see in my above photos. Bella Shoot has a good tutorial for short hair braided crowns {here}. 

+ You may want to pull a few pieces out from the front prior to braiding your pigtails. If you want to have some pieces out, & you don't have a ton of texture like I do, you again will want to use dry shampoo on day 2-3 hair, or you'll want to curl some pieces prior to braiding so that the pieces you take out in the front aren't stick straight. I didn't pull a lot of hair out because I wanted to keep my hair out of my face, but for other days I would probably prefer a few wispy pieces. This "wispy" look with a few pieces pulled out in front is shown below on Mary Kate Olsen via Olsen's Anonymous {here}. 

+ Last, but not least, because there are so many more ways I bet you could spruce up this style; from my experience, make sure you start braiding your "pigtails" starting above your ears vs. below. This will allow for your braids to lay nicely on top of your head when you bring them upwards & cross them over. 

I know you guys are gonna love it, & find it way easier then it seems. It is going to be a go to hairstyle for the beach this summer! So go ahead, once again; get your braid on. xx 

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