Monday, May 18, 2015

Whats In My Luggage: Greece Edition

This month we are going on our honeymoon to Greece & Italy. We are flying into Venice (which is a 15 hour flight) to stay for a night, & then we are going on a Mediterranean cruise through Greece! I could not be more excited. Europe intrigues me so much, & I can not wait to revel in its beauty. It seems so surreal. Because we have long flights, & an adventure at sea that awaits us, I need to make sure I am packed appropriately. So lets take a peek at what will be in my luggage for our European Grecian/Italian adventure! & I will tell you why I am choosing to bring these items this time around.

+ Pair of Jogging Pants: +

I am all about comfort. Especially for long plane rides, but comfort in general is essential for me. I have multiple pairs of "jogging pants." Most of the time, people think that I am wearing leggings, or casual slacks because the "jogging pants" that I have bought are dark in color & tight on the bottom so they have a "dressed up" look. These particular joggers are a bit more "sweat-like" but perfect for the plane ride paired with a chambray shirt or printed top. My favorite place to buy joggers is Foreign Exchange, but these particular lovelies can be found {here}.

+ One Piece Swimsuit +

One piece swimsuits are so adorable. Especially this one. I love the crochet detailing, because it gives a subtle see-through look to the suit without being too over the top. I saw this on Instagram a few months back & absolutely fell in love with it! It would look great paired with denim shorts or a maxi skirt. It is perfect for the beach & or cruise deck! They have a few different variations of this suit on the market, but this particular suit is designed by Robin Piccone & can be found {here}.

+ Solid & Printed Rompers +

I can utilize a romper in any season. They are so versatile! Especially short & long sleeved rompers. I plan to wear my rompers on the plane (for extra comfort, they are like a mini PJ - paired with a sweater), as a beach cover up, out to dinner with the perfect heels, & or to breakfast with flats. They can be worn anywhere! & there are so many ways you can "dress down" or "dress up" a printed or solid romper. I only wish I had one in every print & color. This Rebecca Taylor blush pink romper can be found {here}, & the black & white eyelet printed J. Crew romper shown can be found {here}.

+ Relaxed Shorts +

Again, all about comfort. I have been buying a lot of these relaxed shorts for the summer season. Especially the chambray style. They look like "jean" shorts but they are actually sweat-like material. I also have a lace & floral pair. You can also dress up or down these relaxed shorts. They are so cute & comfortable. Most of them have either a tie waist or elastic waist which provides added "relaxation" to the short. No tight buttons or seams here! I know I will spend most of my trip in these. Check out the silk floral pair {here}; & the chambray/denim pair {here}.

+ Bralettes +

Bralettes are my go to for sleep & or oversized shirts. They don't have the best support but they are again, so comfortable! & provide the necessary coverage for certain shirts. I love these for open back shirts or racer back tanks. They look so pretty in neutral colors (I love just the beige tinted bralettes), because I personally do not like the look of bra straps hanging out of shirts that are open. These are lacey & feminine. This particular beige bralette is from one of my favorite lingerie lines "Hanky Panky," & you can find it {here}.

+ Oversized Scarf +

Oversized scarves can be utilized as a shawl, cover up, & or scarf. I love to bring them on the plane because they are great to use as a blanket or cover up when you are cold. You can find an oversized scarf at pretty much any department store (otherwise Target has great ones too), but this particular neutral brown & tan scarf can be found (for a great price) at

+ Floppy Hat +

Floppy hats on the beach in Greece? I think this is pretty self explanatory. This one from Windsor Store is gold & shimmery, & perfect for those extra sunny days.

+ Roller Ball Perfume +

I always keep a roller ball of perfume in my purse, because lots of times I forget to put it on before I leave the house. Plus, a roller ball of perfume is perfect for traveling. I love this scent from Benefit, especially for an island get away. "Laugh with me LeeLee" has hints of Melon, Jasmine, & Lilies, but it is very subtle & light. You can get it at the nearest Ulta/Sephora, or {here}.

+ Body Butter +

When the sun is hot, & you are on a cruise ship, a sunburn is almost bound to happen (although I lather up on the SPF)! Dry skin is inevitable. I bring body butter on all of my "warm destination" vacations & I apply it every time I get back from the beach or out of the shower. It provides that extra amount of moisture, & this particular butter from Burt's Bees almost leaves a "mask-like" affect on your skin to seal in hydration. It has definitely prevented me from peeling (oops!). Plus the milk & honey scent is delicious. Get it at your nearest Target, or {here}.

+ Browning Lotion +

I know what you are thinking, she loves SPF & body butter to prevent peeling & sunburn but now she needs to bring "browning lotion" too? I found this gem when I went to Hawaii years ago, & I still have the bottle. A little goes a long way, but it definitely gives your skin that added glow in the early days of your vacation (so that you blend in with all of the bronzed vacationers!) I use this primarily on my legs because my legs rarely burn, & I use it on top of a light SPF. What I like about this lotion is that when you apply it, it leaves a slight bronzy glow without even getting color from the sun, & it is definitely not streaky. Plus it holds all natural ingredients! You can get it {here}.

+ Beachy Reads +

Also self-explanatory. A great romantic, guilty-pleasure, easy read while sipping a cool drink amongst the salty air? Yup, I am bringing a lot of these. Currently I have packed The Selection Series (I promise, I am still a teen at heart), along with The Summer I Turned Pretty (my sister says this book makes you wanna be on a beach in love, sounds about right), Reconstructing Amelia (I am also a sucker for dark mysteries & crime novels, & anything that says, "Do you love Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl?" on the cover), & Water for Elephants. I can't wait to dive in.

+ Hand Sanitizing Spray +

My friend introduced me to this hand sanitizer after she saw me using a "pocket-bac" & scolded me because of all of the chemicals that can be found in traditional hand sanitizer. As a nurse, I use hand sanitizer like it is my job. & I know how this could reek havoc on my body if harsh chemicals are used in these products, because I am applying it directly to my skin multiple times a day. So, I pack these travel size sanitizers from the Honest Company wherever I go! They are plant based, & also moisturize with each application. You can get them {here}.

+ Hydrating Eye Serum +

I get the WORST bags/dark circles under my eyes when I have not had enough sleep (yup, & I work night shift, sorry to my coworkers), & it is not pretty. I try to do everything I can to prevent this from happening, but with the long flights & extreme jet lag I am going to have on this trip, hydrating eye cream is kind of a must. I normally use one from Loreal but this one from Benefit has really good reviews. & you can bet I am also bringing some yellow-tinged concealer. Woofta.

+ Colorful Hair Ties +

I normally just use blonde & or clear colored hair ties, but these ones are geared toward the color of your hair & they are super cute & flexible! Plus they won't catch & pull on those stray pieces of hair. You can get them in your hair color & other varieties of colors/prints {here}.

+ Foldable Flats +

Foldable flats! Whoever came up with this idea was a genius. You can literally fold up these shoes & place them in your purse for an extra pair if the ones you are wearing crap out, or start to hurt (or you just want an extra!). I first got these for nights out when I wore high heels, because I know how at hour 6 heels can get a bit dragging, & I could fit them in my little cross body bag! Not to mention they are adorable for any type of occasion. I will be bringing them with me in my carry on tote bag! You can get my exact MK ones {here}, otherwise I also loved the grey/teal look of these {here}.

+ Tote Bag +

I am not a huge fan of carry on bags because for me, they just take up a ton of space. I have always utilized large totes as a carry on instead of a roller carry on because I don't need to bring much on the plane & these fit just about every small travel item I would need. I love this lightweight DVF tote because of its bright floral detailing. Perfect for Greece!

+ Neon Bag Tag +

Bag tags make it super easy to spot your bag quick & easy when you arrive at your destination. I don't think you could miss my luggage with this neon yellow bag tag from Henri Bendel. Not to mention it is pretty adorable.

+ Dry Shampoo +

Everyone knows I have an obsession with dry shampoo. Especially for travel, when a quick pick-me-up for your hair is almost certainly needed. Dove Dry Shampoo is what I use on a daily basis for volume & it works wonders!

+ Camera +

Greece & Italy? Honeymoon? = Camera. Blog post is surely to come with loads of pics & posts detailing our adventures.

+ Passport Holder +

This bright pink passport holder from Rebecca Minkoff is almost too perfect to pass up! It helps to keep things organized in your carry on bag as well. You never know when you may need those important documents at the drop of a hat! Adventure surely does Await!

+ Energy Bars +

I try to never miss breakfast, & these energy bars are perfect for an on-the-go meal. Also as a snack on the plane. I try to keep small protein/energy bars in my carry on/purse at all times so that I don't get hangry!

Let me know if you guys love these items as much as I do! Any other suggestions for packing essentials? XX

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