Thursday, July 2, 2015

Venice, Italy

Sorry for the delay, Europe was unreal & it took awhile to unwind from that trip! I can't even begin to describe the highlights of the whole trip, because there are far too many! All I can say is, if you have not been - go, go now! You won't regret the pretty penny spent.

Lets talk about Italia. Staying on the Grand Canal was absolutely breathtaking. We stayed at The Hotel Principe, which is located right on the canal, in Saint Mark's Square. The room was timeless, breezy, & had great window views. I loved the fact that you could have all the windows open in your room and it was the perfect temperature. Fresh Bellini's filled the mini fridge, old-time chandeliers accented the ceiling. You could literally smell the Italian food being served below on the patio, & the hustle and bustle of the streets was just enough to make you get butterflies! I loved listening to all of the live music from the nearby hotels & shops. I woke up at one point in the night at 3 AM, looked out the window & felt like I was in a dream. It was breathtaking.

The only way to get around is by walking, water taxi, &/or gondola/boat. Of course we had to do a gondola ride, because... when in Italy! He spoke great English & was able to tell us a lot about the city. Once you get through the canal & outside of the square it becomes eerily, but beautifully quiet & serene. The water is still and when you look up you can see families hanging their linens out to dry from their windowsills.

The square is filled with booming shops, bars, cafes, & vintage antiques. Churches, monuments, & museums trim every corner. It is overwhelming, but in a good way! Each restaurant has their menu out for people to view quickly as they pass by, which makes it that much harder to make a decision! Some restaurants even have pictures of their food outside, to make it more appealing to the visitors. So many people! Everyone going to, coming from, visiting, living. People watching could keep me entertained for hours. The fruit markets were a highlight to see. I loved how busy they were, so colorful, fresh, & accessible!

Food. The food is ohhhhh so good. We tried seafood risotto & homemade prosciutto pizza from a cafe along the square, & it was to. die. for. Spritz was the "drink" of the people there, so granted I had to have one. It was pretty good. Mixture of sparkling wine, with a peachy/orange flavor. Very refreshing. They sell it all over! Even at the gas stations. We also stopped for an espresso, which was delightful. & to top the night off, we of course had to have pizza again! They have these pizza carts where they have all different kinds, and they hand them out by the slice. & I can't say enough about the gelato. Gelato in Italy is unlike any other. They have it on every corner. I tried coconut and Jordan had coffee. sooo smooth.

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The buildings were all so exquisite, the architecture was beautiful. The bridges had such amazing detail. This city is the definition of a romance novel. Every last bit of it. Venice, you have my heart!

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