Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro is a city surrounded by sea green bays, mountains, limestone walls, & beautiful forests. Yachts cover the inlet when you arrive into port. It is extremely simplistic, where a very small population resides inside its town walls. Some describe it as a "smaller" Croatia. All the homes have a similar "look" to them, with an ivory build & amber roofing. Kotor's bay has made the top 10 for most beautiful bays in the world. The cascade into port leaves you with views on either side of the mountains & the homes that reside there.

The town is very quaint, only a few restaurants & shops fill the city streets. Along with beautiful churches & peaceful homes. Flowers line the windowsills, & the mountain views from each complex are so amazing.

In the bay, they have small beaches that are just big enough for a few families to lay in the sun & splash around in the crystal clear water. There are lots of tourists taking boats out (especially the glass bottom boats), little gelato stands, friendly cabbies to take you on a "mountain view" drive. Some people take the trek up the mountain to see the views from above. Much to do, but very tourist driven. I know that if you were to drive away from the bay along the coast, a lot more families reside further away from the inlet. We were content in the bay, as there was so much to see just from there!

If you ever find yourself in this distinctly beautiful little town, definitely try to get out on the water, & or climb the mountains to see the walls from above! If only we had a yacht. Until next time!

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