Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Q&A with Makeup by Mindie

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This post was so fun to write, because it was awesome to talk & catch up with a great friend, get questions answered, & learn more about the beauty of makeup! No pun intended. Mindie is such an amazing makeup artist & her business Makeup by Mindie is currently booming, shaking, & screaming in the bridal, pageant, & pretty much everyday "makeup" world. She blew me away when she did my makeup for my wedding (she applied makeup for myself, & all my bridesmaids, amongst others), & she has done my makeup for some shoots & other occasions as well. She is always very easy to talk to, really reflects on what you want (I was very hesitant to get my makeup done, because I don't wear a ton & didn't want it to look "cakey" or overdone - which she totally did an awesome job preventing that!), & is very easy to relate to. Also, she has been my friend since high school, & I can remember when she would do my makeup for dances & such as a teen. She was meant to be a makeup artist I would like to say!

PC: Tracy Jean Photography

In Mindie's Bio, she states, "I strive to understand each individual’s personal taste & style, skin type, face shape, & distinct features to help give each of my clients a flawless look that perfectly fits their occasion. I love keeping the atmosphere of my studio welcoming & fun so my clients can feel comfortable discussing all their makeup needs with me & thoroughly enjoy getting pampered & having their makeup done!" - I mean, who wouldn't want to spend a half hour in a chair, getting pampered by this wonderful woman! Now for the Q&A.

+10 Questions for Makeup by Mindie+

E: When did you decide you wanted to become a professional makeup artist?

M: I have always loved makeup since I was a little girl & I had dreams of becoming a makeup artist. I never believed it was a realistic job so I didn't think anything of it until I was around 21. I started realizing that I had to do what I love even if it took a lot of work!

E: What do you like to "play up" the most? Eyes, lip color, facial contouring?

M: I definitely love doing the eyes! Eyes can be the hardest for most people to do themselves, so to show them what a different makeup can do for their eyes is fun. Contouring has to be done to really create definition so it's always a must. The lips are my least favorite but very important as well.

E: What are your favorite products to use on clients right now?

M: I love using airbrush on clients! It gives a whole new meaning to flawless. Lashes are probably the most important and will always be my favorite product to apply on clients.

E: Who inspires you & your makeup choices?

M: I follow a lot of celebrity makeup artists & I love to see their work. I like more of a full glam look. There are some artists I follow on Instagram, & I do a lot of online classes that are taught by makeup artists that are amazing at "glamorous" makeup.

E: Any key makeup tips you can share with us?

M: Starting with a fresh face is always important. Moisturizing, then priming your face with a primer will make a world of a difference! Proper tools are very important as well. I always start with the eyes & then do the face. I do this because; if you have a lot of excess eye shadow fall out when applying, it won't ruin your concealer or foundation. That's what so fun about makeup though, everyone does it different, & that's okay!

E: What is your favorite product in your personal makeup bag right now?

M: That's a tough one! I am loving the YSL black waterproof eyeliner {F4F: get the YSL black waterproof eyeliner >> {here}} & the new highlighter by Becca Cosmetics in "Champagne Pop!" I have 6 of them! (It's limited edition, hurry & get it! You won't regret it!) {F4F: get the Becca Cosmetics highlighter >> {here}}

E: What is your favorite part of your job?

M: I love when someone waits until the end of their makeup application to see their face & they love it so much they start to tear up! Also, when someone tells me I made them feel the prettiest they have ever felt in their life.. That definitely is the best part of my job! Besides being able to play makeup all the time of course!

E: Any makeup tips/advice for covering up or working with a breakout? Troubled skin? Dark spots/circles?

M: With dark circles & spots you really have to color correct. Adding more & more coverage can sometimes make it worse. With dark under eyes use a orange or peach concealer lightly under your eye before your normal under eye concealer! With breakouts make sure to moisture the skin so there's no dry patches & "spot treatment" by putting concealer on each breakout with a small brush! You can do it before & after foundation!

E: Every woman should splurge on this beauty product...

M: Skincare!! If you have good skin your makeup will look 100% better! Otherwise for just a makeup product, I would say... Eye shadow primer! It will change how your eye shadow applies & how long it lasts.

E: Finally, what are some tips for a woman in a rush who needs a "5 min face?" What do you recommend for someone who wants to look put together in a short amount of time?

M: I'm usually a no makeup or "all" makeup kind of girl. But, if I had to do makeup in a rush; I would say utilize a good tinted moisturizer you can put on with your fingers & make sure to do mascara. A little highlighter for a healthy glow & bronzer to add some color back to the skin go a long way!


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