Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fahling 4 Five: NYE Shoe Frenzy + Resolutions 2 Match

Alright, I know I have been slacking on blog posts, but with the holidays & the remodel I have had limited time off where I am able to snag some QT with the computer. I promise I will keep up with posts more once things quiet down, because I truly do like blogging & I think it is a fun community to be apart of. I just have been trying to be less "social media" obsessed- & spending more time with family instead! (New Years resolution #1!)

I had to do a last minute NYE Fahling 4 Five this week, because I have some to die for favorite shoe deals (I am by far the most obsessed with shoes out of any clothing item-I can't get enough of them!) + some looks to match. I know a lot of people need some last minute NYE outfit ideas, plus who doesn't want to get themselves a late Christmas gift in the form of shoes to love all year round? I know I do! Plus, I wanted to share my New Years resolutions with all of you, because once they are shared, I've got to follow through! ;)

{Refer to the Links & Image for Original Image Source}

1. {MY 2015 Favorite} Rockstud Pumps

$pend: Get these BCBG ones @ DSW in a variety of colors {here}.

$$plurge: The real deal, Valentino Rockstuds are absolutely dreamy. Get them in multiple colors @Nordstrom {here}.

& who other then Olivia Palermo to wear it best? She's a rockstar in this perfect NYE outfit. Marchesa glittering dress, Valentino rockstud purse, shoes, & jewels. Paired with brushed through big vintage curls. Love it all!

Olivia Palermo via

2. Over the Knee Boots

$pend: @Nasty Gal {here}

Photo via Career Girl Daily

$$plurge: Stuart Weitzman via Nieman Marcus {here}

Jessica Alba did these boots justice by pairing it with a glitzy long sleeve dress (slightly similar to Olivia Palermo's look). I love this look for NYE because paired with a dress & over the knee boots it doesn't scream "over the top," but definitely "sexy sleek."

Jessica Alba via Harper's BAZAAR

3. Ankle Strap Heels

$pend: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom {here}

Photo via Studded Hearts

$$plurge: Saint Laurent {here}

I love this look via Atlantic Pacific- glitzy leggings are perfect for NYE. + they hold a lot of comfort! 2 strap heels can pretty much be paired with anything but with this look on NYE they serve as the best dainty accessory.

StyleCaster via Atlantic Pacific Blog

4. Metallic Pumps

$pend: LuLu*s {here}

$$plurge: JCrew {here}

Metallic Pumps, a statement necklace, & LBD? Viva Luxury made this an easy go-to-look for any type of upscale NYE shindig.

StyleCaster via Viva Luxury Blog

5. Kitten Toe Flats

$pend: Cat Face Shaped Black Flats via ParisComing {here}

$$plurge: Kitten Flats via Charlotte Olympia {here}

I adore these kitten flats, & for someone who is looking for a cozy day in, or a cutesey night out on NYE these are perfect. I think What Olivia Did paired these perfect with milkmaid crown braids & a white lace top. She even added a red coat for a touch of color & it looks awesome!

Photo via What Olivia Did Blog

There we have it! Five shoes & NYE looks I am "fahling" for. I can't believe another year has come & gone. This year was definitely a year of new beginnings, understanding, faith, hope, love, forgiveness, & lessons learned. We went on lots of adventures traveling (what a blessing, I felt like we covered so many places in 2015!), we sold our first home, & bought a new one, we took our Honeymoon (& definitely bonded over it!), we spent time with family & friends, went to loads of weddings, smiled, laughed, cried, & so much more! My resolutions this year have a lot to do with just things I want to personally work on to benefit my relationships, whether it be with myself, my husband, my friends, my family, my coworkers, really anyone in my life. Instead of my past resolutions- get fit & hit the gym, travel to here/there, read this book, accomplish this task at work/school, I am deciding that this year is going to be focused on things I want to work on. So here they are!

1. Less time spent on social media, more time in the moment. Less cell phone time, more awareness of my surroundings, more time spent focusing on who I am with when I am with them, instead of what other people are doing.

2. To try not to compare myself so much to others, what they are doing, where they are at in their lives, am I behind on what I am doing? Should I be doing this? Am I doing these things right? Focusing more on the things that matter at this time in my life & that I don't necessarily need to be doing what everyone else is doing.

3. Working on the true meaning of forgiveness. Forgiving myself, forgiving others, focusing on the good ALWAYS. Not just some of the time. I have a habit to be my own worst enemy at times & I think I need to work on inner forgiveness so that I can express this outwards! Forgiveness=love, & inner peace.

4. Stopping & staring. Enjoying each day. With all the hustle & bustle of work, activities, cleaning, house-work, etc, I often let a day completely get ahead of me & I realize I didn't even stop once to think about how this day was affecting me. I want to remember all of these moments. What happened today? Who did I talk to? How was I feeling?...these moments matter.

5. Getting closer to God & counting my blessings. Whether it be my husbands love, the roof over my head, the warm food on the table, I feel as though I need to spend more time really realizing the things that I have in my life that are good, that money can't buy. I want to start going to church more & to better my understanding of The Lord's love, so that I can bring this commitment & understanding to my future family & to my relationships.

Five Resolutions, but I have so many more! I know that each year will come with new beginnings, & I am thankful for these resolutions that I do have in this moment, because I truly feel that each day can be a new start to bettering your life & yourself! Cheers to 2016! & Cheers to these wonderful memories (& again, many! many! more that we experienced) in 2015.

XX Happy NYE! Emily

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