Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How I Exfoliate with Flora Body Care

Exfoliating is very important for the wellness of your body & skin. Exfoliating helps to slough off the dirt/buildup/crummy stuff that gets piled up under your pores & the superficial layer of your skin's surface. Although soap generally does the job, exfoliating takes it to a whole new level, & prevents breakouts, helps prolong your skins overall elasticity, & gives you that "glow" that all women strive for.

In the winter time, I need something that is going to help my skin breathe, but not over-dry, & a lot of exfoliators on the market can really do a number on dry skin (because they are sloughing off so much- they can really dry out the moisturizing layer of your skin that is {nearly there}). On the other side of things, in the summer time, exfoliating is really important to me, because I am in the sun so much & my skin is getting scaly/tanned. I am shaving pretty much every other day. My skin is pretty sensitive to a razor, & I get razor burn pretty easily. Exfoliating helps prevent this by opening up the pores on my skin's surface so that they don't clog up with ingrown hairs/dirt/oil. Ever had a waxing salon or tanning salon (prior to a spray tan) tell you that you HAVE to exfoliate prior to coming in? It is so so important to prevent all of that extra gunk from entering the skins surface. I know, not super pretty to picture, but let me tell you what is pretty- this all natural sugar body scrub from Flora Body Care.

I knew I wanted 3 things in a body exfoliator. 1. Immediate results. {Soft, glowing, clean, moisturized skin} that I didn't have to do 6 steps or more to achieve. 2. An easy, quick process. & 3. All natural, sweet smelling, & delicious ingredients. Guess what? Whilst looking through different scrub reviews, Flora Body Care met all of these requirements.

So let me tell you about the sugar scrub I love & my routine. I use Flora's Vanilla & Coconut Scrub 2x a week, & it does wonders. The results are immediate, my skin feels SO soft & hydrated, & I feel like my body is glowing when I get out of the shower/bath.

I pour a small amount into my hand & rub a fair amount onto my arms/legs in a circular motion, I try to leave it on for a few minutes to let it all soak in, & then rinse it off. Easy, simple, effective.

Best part, it is all natural. Made with sugar, sea salt, coconut flakes/oil, aloe vera, & vitamin E, I don't feel at all like I am negatively effecting my body with its ingredients. Pure goodness! Plus, you can imagine, it pretty much smells like a sugar cookie cake in my bathroom following usage, & this in itself is enough to make me want to exfoliate!

+ You can get the Vanilla Coconut Scrub I use {here};
+ Their Mint + Cacao Body Scrub {here};
+ for all you Coffee lovers - get your fix & wake yourself up naturally in the shower with their Coffee + Hazelnut Scrub {here}

& because I LOVE all of my readers so much, I am teaming up with Flora Body Care to give you all 20% off your purchase of their products!

Just use code: FAHL4FLORA20 at checkout, & away you go to happy, soft, sweet-smelling, hydrated, smooth, & luxurious skin!! Yay! xx

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