Monday, February 22, 2016

Ice Castles

Last weekend we took a drive to visit the ice castles. Now, the term "ice castles" is thrown around loosely, because in Minnesota you can find these "ice castles" pretty much around every corner. HA! It was actually Valentines Day, so we were spending some QT together, grabbing coffees, running errands, & buying groceries for our Valentines Day dinner (we had Salmon, it was delish, & for dessert- french silk minis!) Nom. Anyways- We were driving around looking for places to do a fun shoot, & he remembered these ice formations that are just piled up in a neighborhood. Kind of random, but super beautiful! & although it was fairly chilly, I have MN blood, so the "cold doesn't bother me anyway..." I am cracking myself up writing this. Clearly, it is Monday.

I absolutely loved this dress when I was shopping Belles & Whistles Boutique, 1. Because I LOVE stripes, I could wear stripes with pretty much any outfit. 2. The elbow pads are so cute, & make for a comfy look, & 3. It just looked so versatile to work for all seasons. I know I do a lot of transition posts but living in MN makes it really hard to find stuff that works for all seasons. The weather can change at any moment, & so I need a lot of options in my closet that will work in any "extreme weather" event. Pair this with jeans/leggings/tights that you can take off if it gets warm? It really works out.

Again, I have linked some other SUPER cute {stripey} items from their boutique, {here}, {here}, & {here}; & of course, shop the link below for where to get my striped tunic dress. Remember, use code SALE30 for 30% off all sale items on their website. & you can shop their Instagram by commenting SOLD, your size, & your email address on the photo of the item you want, & they will send you a direct invoice to shop that item!

Striped "Just Chillin It" Tunic Dress (I am wearing size small): c/o Belles & Whistles Boutique - on their IG in dress form {here}; & in shirt form on their website {here}

"blooper" photo, was laughing my butt off because I nearly slipped & fell and threw my coffee everywhere, & Jordan was making fun of me... it was pretty comical. Hope everyone has a great week. Tons of fun stuff coming up on f4f in the near future, so stayed tuned! xx

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