Monday, February 29, 2016

Mid-Day Rose with July Moon

Ever have one of those days where you feel like getting glamorous? Glitzed up in your best dress, makeup on, hair done, specifically to better yourself & put some pep in your step? In the wise words of Audrey Hepburn:

This "cocktail hour" dress from July Moon Boutique definitely makes me want to put on some heels, wear my best pearls (in the form of a dainty hair tie), & pretty pink lipstick. I think we all know that pink is one of my favorite colors (especially blush/light pink) so the color is perfection + the chiffon bottom, & glitzy top, are the perfect combination. & can we talk about the back? Back details are my favorite. I think they can change the whole look of a dress! Paired with a small glass of rose, Sunday brunch is off to a great start. I think this dress could be worn for a variety of different occasions. Spring/Summer wedding, date night, NYE, shower, lunch with the girls, by yourself around the house? Whatever your little heart desired.

July Moon has some super cute clothes & their concept can't be beat. 10% of their profits is used to support an underprivileged child in Bolivia. This in itself is incentive to buy from their boutique. I love this hidden message behind their line. + I absolutely adore so many of their clothes, & how reasonable they are! Best thing, they are Twin Cities based. Twin Cities ladies, you need to check out this boutique & follow them on their IG for their latest arrivals!

Cocktail Hour Dress: c/o July Moon Boutique {here}

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