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NYBFW: Spring 2016 Bridal Trends

It is hard to believe NYBFW was already 4 months ago. I still dream about the amazing pieces I saw, places we went, & people we met! & the gowns! Ahh! It really is every girls dream to attend some sort of fashion week. Thanks to Flutter Boutique I got to experience it! I can't wait to go again (next time Kolby (my sister in law, bridal store owner, & all things bridal connoisseur) will be a new momma! Hooray)! Anyways- I thought this was the perfect time to throwback to bridal fashion week because the Spring collections are really now of utmost importance! I know that all you ladies with Spring/Summer/Fall 2016 weddings may be very interested in these collections as they are absolutely amazing, & {white} (no pun intended) hot right now. Plus, NYFW just kicked off, so I am feeling like I want to reminisce.

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Jaclyn Jordan:

Jaclyn! First of all, her designs are amazing. Second of all, she is sweet as a peach! Her line of tops, skirts, veils, sashes, belts, hair pieces, & so much more, is absolutely to.die.for. Everything is so intricately detailed, such divine quality, & customized to fit each brides taste perfectly. I walked into her booth & was blown away!

Brides that want custom designs, something to add a specific flare to your look that genuinely suits you, pretty intricate details that may be missing from your gown, your hair, your veil, etc, you should take a peek at Jaclyn's lookbook {here}. All of the designs I have featured above can be found on her website, {here}.

This Veil, Swoon.
Jaclyn Jordan Designs via Burnetts Boards

Jenny Yoo:

Jenny Yoo is so incredibly elegant. Her designs flow with style, grace, & feminism. What I love about Jenny Yoo is her designs are so easy to transition from not only wearing them as a bridesmaid, (heck, even a bride), but to wearing them to your next elegant event, (ex: your friends wedding, fancy night out, formal event, etc). I have a few Jenny Yoo dresses that I have worn to events in the past & everyone has been blown away with how ahh! that could be a bridesmaids dress too?

I love how she incorporates chiffon, tulle, silk, & cotton into her line, & the collection I have featured in photos below is so beautifully detailed with pastels & florals. Her runway show was mesmerizing. I couldn't look away. & Can you believe those skirts & separates? Ahmazing.

Check out the Jenny Yoo 2016 collection on her website {here}. & her Runway show featuring the photos we took above (& maybe even a glimpse of Flutter ladies) {here}!

Jenny Yoo Designs via Jenny Yoo

Can you say amazing? Check out Flutter Boutique's website for the designs they carry of Jenny's as well! So dreamy.

Heidi Elnora:

Alright everyone, I am going to have to try to keep this as short as possible, which will be nearly impossible with how many amazing things I have to say about Heidi. Not only is she so extremely sweet through & through, I think the concept of her approach to brides can't be matched. Her Build-A-Bride collection is out of this world. Ever wonder how you are going to find your dream dress because nothing is matching up? Heidi can BUILD your dress for you from her designs. Every piece you thought you might want, she can put together for you. From the top, to the fit, to the design, to the glitz/glamour. Build-A-Bride has it. She even has a show on TLC to prove it: Bride by Design by Heidi Elnora.

Example: She takes the Coco Marie, which is the 3 dresses pictured on hangers above (amazing in itself), & then adds overlays/tops/etc to it to create something specific to a brides preferences. I LOVE this idea for the bride that maybe wants something different for her ceremony from her reception, & wants an easy fix, vs buying 2 dresses (one for the ceremony & one for the reception). If I were to pick another wedding dress for myself (secondary to the one I wore, which I also loved), vow renewal in 10 years? HA. I would definitely choose this option from Heidi. Coco Marie solo for reception with added lace for the ceremony? or vice versa? The possibilities are endless.

Coco Marie in Nude with the Viola V Neck +
The LuLa Skirt with the Carolyn Top on Heidi's Website {here} & {here}

Ladies, check out her collections page {here}. Her Hello Darling & Heidi Elnora collections are equally as amazing as Build a Bride. Check out some of my favorites from these collections below.

The Layla Darling via Heidi Elnora

& that one time I got to wear it in a styled shoot- Ahh!

PC: Pixel Posey Photography

The Georgia Bourgeois via Heidi Elnora

>> For my MN ladies, both of these beauties & more from Heidi's collection can be found at Flutter Boutique in Minneapolis (only boutique in MN that carries Heidi) if you are looking for a Heidi specific gown! xx

Leanne Marshall:

Project Runway Season 5 ring a bell? Yep, Leanne won it, & she is still winning, in more ways then one. Her designs are stunning. So absolutely dreamy & effortless & chic & just pretty much everything. Her gowns are like her canvas, literally, & she designs them with such timeless grace & elegance. My favorite part of Leanne's designs are her color concepts. Far from a "stark table white" gown, she hand paints some of her dresses to give a "watercolor" appearance. Can you say wow? Not your typical bridal gown. & this is perfect for the bride that wants to stand out.

Leanne Marshall Margeaux via Flutter Boutique

No words. Lea in Blush via Leanne Marshall

The Ivy in print via Leanne Marshall

LM designs from our styled shoot with Pixel Posey & Flutter Boutique >>

Leanne Marshall's Vaughn, Margeaux, & Solaine Gowns
PC: Pixel Posey Photography

Leanne's designs can be found via her website {here}; Flutter's LM gowns can be found {here}


I have such a soft spot in my heart for THEIA. As explained on their website, THEIA's designs are inspired by the greek goddess Theia, with luminosity & radiance in mind. The beading & attention to detail that you can find on their gowns is unmatched by any other. Every single one of their collections is out of this world. & the fits, & the comfort, & the materials utilized! Seriously can't be beat. I love the fact that they have a bridal line, along with evening gowns, cocktail dresses, & other gowns alike. Popular among brides, celebrities (think Grammy's, Golden Globes, & evening wear), along with much of the general public, we adore THEIA.

We absolutely could not get over how much we loved THEIA's designs. Not to mention their team. Every single one of their team members was SO amazing, attentive, & fun! Don (THEIA's creative director), is an absolute delight, & seriously knows what he is doing. Can't you tell?

The Marion in print via THEIA's Bridal Lookbook

& one of my absolute favorites; their Petal Dress(es) via THEIA

& in color on Katrina Bowden {here} via THEIA

See more of THEIA's bridal designs via there lookbook {here}; & their new arrivals in evening wear {here}

- Dream-like moment, we were able to wear THEIA gowns to The Knot Gala & The Martha Stewart Wedding's Event our last night in NYC! AHH! I totally had a Carrie Bradshaw moment, because-browsing THEIA's showroom choosing a gown from their collection for a big night out in NYC? does not happen very often. We were squealing like little girls! Our picks, & more fun from our glamorous evening out, below.

With some of the THEIA team @Martha Stewart

The dress Kolby's wearing (Deep V-Neck Halter Dress) can be found in THEIA's lookbook {here}

The beautiful Hayley Paige (I die over her designs as well-for another post!)

Thanks everyone for reading, I know this post was a hefty one. There is just so much to share about these designs & these designers. Have fun browsing. & remember ladies (brides, bridesmaids, all women alike), don't miss the chance to check out these Spring Collections. They are hot off the press! xx


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