Friday, February 5, 2016

Skincare Routine

Alright ladies, gents, anyone whose skin needs a pick-me-up this winter (or anytime for that matter), lets talk skincare. I haven't always been into taking care of my skin. I can remember when I was younger (teens), & I just washed my face with hand soap (yes, scream)! I washed my face with hand soap; & my friends would say... "Emily, that isn't good for your skin." Or, I would tan endless amounts, I wouldn't moisturize, I wouldn't wash my makeup off at night... & the list goes on. I cringe at these thoughts now... but hey, I figure at this point, I am starting early. So it could be worse.

Lately, I have gotten a lot of, "what do you use for your skin?" Which came as a huge shock for me, because I have never considered myself to have "good skin." It was uplifting, because these past few years; I have gone the extra mile to take care of my skin. I have cared about my skin products (& spent the extra penny to do so), I have been caring about the makeup I am using (& how it is effecting my skin), I haven't been exposing my face to the sun without an immense amount of SPF on...etc. So to hear that it just maybe has made a difference? Brownie points to me!

I once read an article that said you should start anti-aging treatments around age 22. At the time I read this, I think I was about 19, & I thought, yeah right. I won't need to do anything like that, & then a few years went by... & I started noticing changes (yes they were small), but still changes. & I thought, maybe that article was right.

So, I tried out some products. I filtered through, I asked questions, I saw what my friends were using, my mom, etc. & I have landed on these products. These are what work for me. & I can't rant & rave about them enough! I now wash my face every morning/night, I wear SPF 70 foundation during the day, & these products have become apart of my daily routine. Now don't get me wrong, If I am lazy about washing my face, about what I eat (diet is a huge part of skincare that no product can fix), & about how much sleep I get- my face can go completely haywire & nothing works for me. But if I keep up the good work, all is well!

My friend Leah introduced me to Eminence products through her company All Skin Speaks. How can I describe Eminence in a few words? Soft, glorious, glowing, delicious, pure, natural. The first product I bought was the Monoi Night Cream, which was recommended to me by Leah, because it is one of their number 1 best sellers. I was in love! It left my face so silky & smooth, & I did see results in hydration & fine lines. I use this at night as a moisturizer (especially when I feel like my face is really in need of hydration), & I do a very light application by mixing the product with a little water, so I am not overwhelming my face.

I also use the Lavender Night Eye Cream from Eminence before bed, which has aromatherapy benefits (lavender), & helps diminish crows feet/fine lines. I literally think it helps me fall asleep. Recently, I got the Bamboo Firming Fluid, which I use "as needed" when I feel like my face needs a little lift (when I am really tired, feeling dehydrated, early mornings, etc). It is so smooth & goes on really light, but you can actually feel your face tighten up following application. Plus it smells like coconuts & green apple. Yum.

Another line I am in love with is Ole Henriksen. I was just recently introduced to OH, but I am really REALLY loving this product. I got the starter pack, & I am definitely going to be renewing my products when they start running out. I wash my face with the African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser A.M & P.M. This works wonders for me, because I have very sensitive skin, & I can easily get red splotches at the drop of a hat. This cleanser calms the skin, fights redness, & has made a big difference in the tone of my skin.

I use OH's Truth Serum Collagen Booster in the morning (it is the first thing I put on my face), which prevents damage to my face, has an immense amount of vitamin c, & helps keep it firm & glowing through out the day (plus, it is one of the #1 anti-aging products on the market right now!) I then follow with OH's Sheer Transformation, which acts as an extreme moisturizer for my face & provides brightening benefits (plus it helps fade sun spots/freckles! Win!). When I feel like my skin needs a little extra boost, at night I will use OH's Invigorating Night Treatment, (sometimes underneath Eminence's Monoi Night Cream), & it leaves my skin even, silky, & minimizes pores overnight.

Now I know what you are thinking, Wow! Thats a lot of products to be putting on your face, purchasing, investing in, etc. I don't use all of them every day, or every night, but like I said, they have made a huge difference in my skin. Everyone's skin is different, but compared to some other products I have trialed, these are the best, for me, right now!

Guess what? you can get OH's 3 little wonders kit that includes all the products I use right now from their company for under $80 - right {here}; Life changer! & don't forget to head on over to All Skin Speaks to get good deals on Eminence Products.

I have linked all the featured products below. Love the skin you are in! xx

Eminence Monoi Night Cream | Eminence Lavender Eye Night Cream | Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid | OH's African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser | OH's Truth Serum Collagen Booster | OH's Sheer Transformation Moisturizer | OH's Invigorating Night Treatment

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