Sunday, February 14, 2016

Your Best Tressed Hair

Ladies. Lets talk #hairgoals. What color? What cut? long? happy? healthy? the list goes on. For me, I have really worked hard to get my hair to have some length. I have always contemplated extensions, & I just kept putting it off, because geez, those are a pretty penny. & then I thought, I feel like if I really dedicate some time to taking care of my hair, I could get some length. After much patience, & effort- all of a sudden, I started getting questions like, "Do you have extensions?" "What products do you use?" "Wow, your hair is long. How do you get it to grow so quickly?" Yay! it happened. & my answers are; no, I don't have extensions, although there were multiple times I wanted to purchase them, my hair is in no way perfect, so it took a lot of patience... & these are the products I swear by...

First off, I asked my stylist to do a specific color combination so that it was less damaging to my hair. Being a "blonde," yes, for all you questioning, I have been a blonde since birth, but that quickly changed to "bronde" at age 11, & it has darkened ever since to dirty-dishwater nearly-brown blonde. But, I could never let the bright blonde go. My roots are my natural hair color, & although I spent many years bleaching my entire head, I have now just resorted to highlighting, & deep conditioning, & toning, & hoping for the best. Luckily, it has worked to my advantage, & I don't miss the all over bleach.

Anywho-specific color combinations to come later in a different post. For all my Duluth, MN ladies, I currently go to Fitgers Salon & Spa & I see Sara Skyberg. She is miraculous, & has always given me the color combo I have pictured.

Lets get down to business. Lets talk hair care. & how I keep things (pretty) healthy, & what products are my favorite right now. For all you ladies that think, my hair won't grow, it breaks off, it is SO damaged, you can make a difference! I by no means deem myself to be a hair expert, or a professional, I just know what has worked of me- & I can relay that to you!

1. I have said this before, & I will say it again, I only wash my hair 2-3x a week. Lets be honest, usually twice. & this has made a HUGE difference. It allows for the natural oils my hair produces to help GROWTH. & that is key. I use dove dry shampoo on my 2nd to 3rd day off, & it works miracles. I have tried multiple different dry shampoos, & this one is the best. It does the trick, & it gets rid of that extra oil. For some people, they just can't go more then one day because their hair is far too greasy. Your hair eventually will stop this, as it will get used to not washing everyday, but you have to pay the price until you get there.... so dry shampoo. If you can.

2. I try not to blow dry my hair. I always try to air dry my hair. The heat from a blow dryer can cause extreme damage to your hair, & it can break off your ends, & it is just way better to air dry your hair. Now I know, for some of you, this isn't possible, but even if you can air dry, & then blow dry towards the end of the drying process, this will make a difference. Although I like the way my hair looks "blown out," I realize the damage & try to steer clear.

3. I use ceramic hair styling tools. Straightener, & curling iron. This causes less breakage when using & locks in moisture. These are fairly common now, so they don't break the bank. I will do curl tutorials later (Do you guys have any specific questions on how I curl my hair? Email me for what you want to see in a post!) As far as my Shampoo & Conditioner, I switch it up from time to time, but right now I am currently using- Aveda Blue Malva (to cut the brassiness in my blonde in winter-it is AMAZING. BLONDES. Please purchase)- & Loreal Color Vibrancy Shampoo & Conditioner. Also, it keeps my hair SO soft, & smells great too.

4. THE WET BRUSH. If I can say anything, I will say this. The wet brush changed my life. Hate the way brushing tangles your hair when it is wet? Hate the way it hurts? The way it snags? Pulls your hair out? The wet brush doesn't do this. I can't believe I hadn't purchased this a million years ago. I now have the wet brush & comb. I can't rave enough about its benefits.

5. As far as hair spray goes, I RARELY use it, because I like a more "natural look" when I curl or do my hair, but when I do use hairspray, I use Moroccan Oil, because it is absolutely the best, & doesn't "crunch" your hair or leave it sticky. Which if you have a "crunchy" hairspray, I suggest steering clear of it. This is damaging your hair. Get a "fine" hairspray, or one that doesn't leave as much residue.

6. You don't need to get a trim every time you go to the salon. I get one probably 2x a year. & this works out just fine. Trims get rid of split ends & those aren't pretty but it doesn't make a HUGE difference in growth. I also only use soft hair ties. Like {these}, or {these}. They don't snag your hair & this makes a huge difference to me as my ponytails can barely hold themselves up!

7. Eat well, sleep well, exercise. Care about your health. Care about your body. Your hair will respond just as your nails, your teeth, your skin, your weight, your body does. This is pretty much KEY. Don't neglect yourself, & your health, & your hair will respond. (you know all of those hair vitamins on the market? they are pretty much promoting what you can do for yourself through a balanced diet & exercise). I need to remind myself of this every. single. day. Take care of yourself! & you will shine in more ways then one.

Phew! That was a lot of info in a very long (but seemed short for all the info I wanted to provide) blog post! If you guys have any questions please head to the {contact} section of my blog & shoot me a message, or comment below. I have linked all of the products I use within the body of my post, & I will also link the products below. Remember, no ones body is the same. No ones hair is the same. Don't compare yourselves to others. But, what you can do, is take what others do into account, try it out for yourself, & you may see wonderful changes! You know what is going to make a difference for you & your hair!

Be your best tressed self, & as cheesy as it sounds, be true to you! xoxo

Dove Dry Shampoo | Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo | Loreal Color Vibrancy Shampoo & Conditioner | The Wet Brush | Soft Hair Ties | Moroccan Oil Hairspray


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Looks beautiful!

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Looking gorgeous!

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Without fail, you are looking so gorgeous! Your hair are amazing! My hair too but not too much. That's why I use synthetic lace front wigs and feel utmost better.