Saturday, April 9, 2016

Healthy & Happy: Staying Fit & Well

I am so excited to share this post, because this is something that is a huge aspect of my life, & I have never shared a blog post highlighting my health/wellness/fitness routine before! Lets get a little background on the subject first, without boring you all to death.

My freshman year of college, (Yes, I am going to be cliche here & talk about my bad habits as a freshman)- but really, I absolutely did not take the time to eat well, feel well, take care of my body, or have any type of fitness regimen. I ate a lot, & whatever I wanted. I did not work out, at all. I went out on the weekends, drank too much beer, & then did not get enough sleep before having to dedicate all of my time to my studies during the week; (which meant minimal sleep in itself)- because nursing school is no easy feat. I ended up gaining more like the "freshman twenty," & I just didn't feel very good at all. Although I didn't have much time to think about it, as I was so focused on school.

Come senior year, it was all; graduation, looking for jobs, moving out of my apartment, etc. At this point, I kind of had a light bulb go off in my head. {I am not keeping myself healthy}. At first, I went the wrong route (for me personally). I started fad diets, I bought teas/shakes/etc offline, & I did the 20 min quick "blast" workouts, thinking maybe this would work for me. Well, it didn't. It was helping me to lose weight, but I was still keeping up with bad habits, whilst adding on these shakes/teas etc. I felt kind of defeated at this point.

After getting a job at the hospital, settling in, finding time to slow down, stopping & thinking about what I really thought would benefit me, & also (this was a HUGE part of it)- getting Jordan on board with me, I started to see changes in my mind, body, & endurance. I started running 30-45 min a day, (treadmill or outside), with a focus on interval training, & I would add in resistance/weight training circuits about 3x a week. I started very slow, was easy on my body, & was patient. Being patient was key. There was no "quick" result. It all took time, consistency, & determination. A huge part of this was also diet change. I made sure to not limit myself completely. I didn't say, "You can't eat bread. You can't have candy..etc." I more just took more time to think about what I was eating. For example: we eat out way less then we did before. If we do eat out- we are smart about what we order. Even if I do get a burger, I will order turkey or wild rice vs beef with bacon & cheese, & I always only eat half of the bun vs the full bun. Instead of fries, I get a salad on the side. (This was a huge vice for me, fries are my ABSOLUTE indulgence)...Its the little things that can make a big difference.

Although this has worked for me, it may not be what works for everyone. It really truly was a complete lifestyle change. Adding a consistent fitness routine into my life 5 days a week when I had NEVER worked out before in my life, wow. That was huge. & then changing a lot of how I ate, drank, etc. It was REALLY hard. I so badly wanted to order the pizza rolls at dinner instead of the chicken/veggie combo but I decided that majority of the time, I didn't like how the pizza rolls made me feel. I felt full, healthier, & happier with the chicken & veggie combo. It made me feel good to make these changes both physically & mentally. I didn't succeed with the fad diets or the quick results program, but some people might. I realized that in order to see results, I needed to be patient & consistent. 20 lbs down later, I see there was no way around that. Phew! Have you guys made it this far? Now that I have gotten through that summary, & that my friends- is just the half of it (I will share more in other posts), lets just pinpoint a few ways I keep myself in the "well" with a side of a new helping hand called Oily Lou!

5 Keys to Staying Well:

1. Oils & Stress Relief. Have you guys heard of Oily Lou? Essential Oils? This is a fairly new concept for me, but I am SO glad I stumbled upon it through one of my very good friends. I had never gotten into the essential oil diffusing rage. A big part of this was the fact that Jordan does not like "smelly" sprays, so I didn't think that Jordan & the diffuser would hit it off. Well, my problems are solved. Oily Lou is like having your cake & eating it too! These little lovelies are all the benefits of oils but they come in roll ons (kind of like mini essential oil perfumes). For example: my favorite roll on for getting an energy boost before a work out is my "Oily Lou" roll on- made with Juniper, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lime, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Rosemary, & Vanilla- its specifically curated to give you the extra kick of energy you need for a mid-day pick me up! I love using my "Sleepy-Lou" roll on before bed (made with Blue Tansy, Lavender, Orange...soothing, comforting properties) behind my ears, on my wrists, etc to help me get that REM sleep I need to stay "well." Visit the direct links in the post to get your own Oily Lou roll ons (they seriously have made a HUGE difference to me- coming from someone who needs these extra helpers in life). Or visit the website directly {here}.

2. Getting enough sleep. Working shift work as a nurse does not allow for prime sleep time. Actually, it really effects my sleep negatively. So I need to make sure I take the time to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night. 8 is key. It makes me feel better, cues into my alertness/fitness regimen, helps my skin, & effects my mood. Sleep is so important.

3. Drinking water. Balanced diet. Cutting down on ETOH. I try to drink at least 5-8 24 oz (700 ml) bottles of water a day. I have a blender bottle that I carry around with me like its my lifeline, & I try very hard to stick to this regimen. My body now just craves it like a habit. Like I talked about earlier, making small changes can have a huge affect on our body. Pizza sometimes, greens/protein/good starches more. Small meals through out the day is what works best for me, vs 3 big meals, I try to have 5-6 meals with smaller portions. If you guys want, I can do another blog post highlighting a typical weekly meal plan for Jordan & I. Comment below!

4. Taking time to relax. Sometimes my mind seems like it is in overdrive. Through errands, events, work, moving, etc; I find somedays I haven't even stopped to think about what I wanted to do for ME that day. Everyone needs their own relaxation techniques. Mine is running, reading, throwing on my favorite TV show, taking a bath, or blogging.

6. Organizing & forming a routine. I know this may seem ridiculous for some who don't like planning or organizing like I do, but I really think that forming your own personal routine can be very beneficial to your overall health & wellbeing. Whether your routine may be waking up- having a cup of coffee, writing a blog post, going for a run, heading to yoga, or- going to work, then coming home to make dinner, picking up on your favorite show, etc. Structure can be very beneficial for your mind, body, & spirit.

Black Puffer Vest: Old Navy {here}|| Mesh Leggings: RBX Active {here}|| Gray & Coral Nikes: {here}|| Oily Lou Roll On Products {here} (Use PROMO Code: FAHL4LOU at checkout & receive 30% off your purchase at Oily Lou!)

I am by no means exactly where I want to be endurance wise. But I know what I can do to make myself feel good. & that is what matters. Thanks for diving into this long reflection! Now that we have gotten the beginning summary out of the way to help you guys better understand my own personal journey, next post I can highlight & share with you guys my specific cardio & resistance circuits! Jordan & I took the time & effort to turn one of the rooms in our new house into a mini-gym, gym-mat flooring & all. So theres gonna be tons of post opportunities there! Hope you guys are taking steps to feel good about YOU this weekend! More to come on wellness soon! xx


Maggie Zemanek said...

Love this post!! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog! :)

emilybfahlsing said...

Maggie! Thank you so much for the nomination! You are so sweet! xx

Anonymous said...

Love new posts!

Do you have any weekly meal plans?

emilybfahlsing said...

I am going to incorporate some weekly meal plans coming up on the blog soon! Thanks for asking! xx