Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Makeup Hacks

I wanted to share with you guys some of my own personal "makeup hacks" that I utilize to assist in my day to day makeup routine. Majority of the time, I wear a very minimal amount of makeup. My day to day makeup routine usually involves a small amount of foundation with SPF in it, powder, blush/bronzer duo, mascara, brow gel, & whatever lip color I want to wear that day. I have found that these little hacks make a big difference in the ease of putting my face on in the A.M! I have had a lot of requests to share more makeup posts so I am going to start with the basics in this one!

1. Start with a good base! Using after shave as a facial primer. I absolutely need to use primer prior to putting makeup on, because I definitely can see a big difference in the longevity of my makeup. I also love the fact that primer prevents your foundation/makeup from soaking into your fine lines/wrinkles. I have bought my fair share of different primers through out the last year, & although I still love my POREfessional primer from Benefit- I have found that after shave works really well as a primer base too! With very similar ingredients, this wonderful stuff (for WAY less)- works just like a primer! I use the basic Nivea men's after shave (bought at Target). Funny, right?

2. Bronzer as eyeshadow. Sometimes I just don't want to do anything with my eyes. I really just want to throw mascara on & call it a day, but adding a little pop of bronzer to the corners of my eyes can make a big difference in how "awake" I look. It's the perfect additive & it is easy to incorporate! I use Lorac's Tantalizer as my bronzer & I absolutely love it. I like the fact that it is more matte then sparkly.

3. Sealing it in! Using rose water facial spray to get that "dewy" look. You guys. This stuff is holy. My cousin introduced it to me when we were in Arizona, I actually bought it at Anthropologie, but it is blowing up in retail stores everywhere. I adore the fact that it isn't uber expensive, & that it can really work for just about anyone. It has now become a major part of my makeup, facial, morning/night, anytime routine! I spray this stuff on after I wash my face, after I put on my makeup to "seal it in," & on my beauty blender before I put on foundation to get that "dewy" look we all strive for! It smells amazing & makes me feel so fresh. I have found that pretty much anything Mario Badescu is heavenly. Get it {here} or linked directly below.

4. Undereye coverage/highlighting with Ready Set Gorgeous concealer. I get a lot of questions on how I highlight, & this little baby is a big part of my highlighting routine. I have found that I really love the coverage this gives me (I tend to get really bad undereye circles), & I also love the fact that it doubles as a highlighter. I get it in "fair" & it is light enough to give me a good glow.

5. Outlining my brows with Anastasia's Base Pro Pencil. This little "pencil," has a ton of different uses, but I personally use it to highlight & outline my brows. I fill my brows in with a pencil/gel combo, & then I outline my brows with this pencil so that they pop a bit more. They just seem to look more clean & defined when I outline them with a highlighter! I also sometimes use it to conceal small blemishes, or outline my lips.

Nivea Men's After Shave || Lorac's Tantalizer Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo || Mario Badescu's Facial Spray || Covergirl's Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer || Anastasia Beverly Hills Base One Pro Pencil

I hope that this helps some of you to get an idea for how I make my makeup routine a bit "easier!" Anything else you guys want me to specifically post about? Otherwise I hope some of these things can come in handy for you too! xx

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