Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Beginnings & Our Kitchen Reveal

Long time coming! I am so excited to share some of our new beginning with you all, & hopefully over the next few months I continue to share our home with you as each room evolves! We moved in almost 2 weeks ago, & after 7 months of hard work, determination (from multiple parties, a huge thank you to those deeply involved- you know who you are), configuration, & some frustrated tears shed (but LOTS of smiles too!) we are finally comfortable & living in our new home!

Let me give you guys a little background on the subject. The home that we moved into is actually Jordan's family home he grew up in. His parents moved here 20 years ago, raised Jordan & Jake here, & then just this last year started contemplating a move. There were a few things they wanted to do with the house, a few renovations they had in mind, but just couldn't see fit doing these changes whilst living in the house. At the end of last summer, Jordan & I threw around the idea of selling our first home together, as it was too small to build a family in, & we thought we needed a change. & so it goes. Jordan's parents bought a new home, they sold their home to Jordan & I, & funny thing is, we sold our home to Jordan's cousin! Keeping it in the family as they would say!

Living Room & Kitchen Before:

When we made the decision to sell the house, move out, & start renovating Jordan's parents, my eyes got sort of wide. & we both got kind of scared. Granted we were moving into Jordan's parents basement (thanks Scott & Leann for letting us be roomies for 7 months!), moving majority of our belongings into storage, & changing up all aspects of our "routine." Not to mention literally tearing a houses interior out from the ground up... we kind of gulped big. It took a lot to team up together with the help of many others to configure where we would go from there. Throughout the winter, our contractor Kevin worked with multiple parties (a big part of this was Jordan's handy skills, before he started his job he does currently he flipped houses alongside Kevin) to tear down the walls of Jordan's childhood home, & to turn the interior into something Jordan & I had envisioned. Also, a huge thank you & shout out to Mary @ Billman's regarding this specific post/reveal, she designed our kitchen & helped us put our "kitchen Pinterest board" vision into play, she is absolutely amazing & really attentive & helpful. Anyone in Duluth/Hermantown looking to reno- Kevin of KG Construction & Mary at Billman's are really great to work with.

Wow! To see all of this come about before our eyes, it is unlike any other. A lot of the time I had a hard time envisioning the end product, but at this point, I am beyond happy & in love with our new space. Best part about all of this was, throughout the whole renovation process (picking out the look of the kitchen, bathroom, downstairs, room sizes, etc)- Jordan & I literally never had a different opinion. We always looked at each other when they showed us cabinet colors or countertop ideas, & we were like- that one! & we both pointed to the same thing. We browsed Pinterest, looked through an immense amount of Home Depot & Menard's catalogs (not to mention literally lived at both of those stores for 7 months), & got inspiration from websites, HGTV (Flip or Flop/Fixer Upper), & of huge inspiration- Monika Hibbs of Monika Hibbs (her home was of utmost inspo)- check out her home tour {here}.

When we moved, I knew I wanted bright, light, crisp, & airy. Our old home (which I still adore), was fairly small, which meant lots of stuff crammed into small spaces. Our paint colors were kind of all over the place, so much of our stuff was bright (but like yellow, pink, red, brown) bright. With this home, I wanted white, neutral, clean. I thought if I started with a fresh space it would be easier to change the decor from time to time, & that I could add color amongst my decor vs. in the space itself. For the kitchen, we chose "Swiss Coffee" by Benjamin Moore for our paint color. It was voted "best kitchen white" by multiple home design teams. & we love it! Note: white is the dominate color in our home. I get a lot of grief on this subject, i.e.: "How will you keep it clean when you have kids?" Well, for all who know me, I have a slight dose of cleaning OCD, & I figure, I can always change the paint color if need be. :D

Phew! that was a lot but I figured I needed to tell you guys a bit about what lead up to all of this home touring. I am going to start with our kitchen & living room (because for 1. the other rooms are still needing some extra pick-me-up's, & for 2. I have had a lot of feedback from people who really wanted a sneak peek!) So I figured I could share the "beginning" with you all. There is still so many ideas I have for even these 2 rooms I am sharing with you now, but I figure F4F is the perfect space to share these changes, with my friends, family, & readers! Most people have a home tour years following their home reno, but it just so happened Jordan & I had 7 months to furnish & decorate (get inspiration), so these 2 rooms were able to kind of be thrown together quickly! & I wanted to share this "new beginning" with you all.

Side note: A lot of our home was thankfully passed down to us through antiques & cherished heirlooms. The painting shown in our dining room is one of my Papa & Grandma Leigh's favorites, which was a true blessing as a "statement" piece in our space. The dining room table is a custom job from Forget Them Not Home Decor. We knew we wanted a "farmhouse" chic dining room table, but a lot of them on the market right now are fairly pricey. Jordan stumbled upon this website & created this custom job through what we had envisioned, & it is more then we could have ever asked for! We seriously love it. Our kitchen runner was in my parents home, & I love its vintage appeal. A lot of the glass china you see displayed has been given to us over the holidays/our wedding from family. The E+J Canvas print on the gold/white shelf is the coordinates from our wedding day, & we were given this by our lovely friends Taylor & Jeremy! Otherwise, I have linked much of the home "goods" below.

Teardrop Crystal Pendant Lights: Patriot Lighting via Menards {here}|| Dining Room Farmhouse Table: Custom Job via Forget Them Not Home Decor {their website here}|| Charger Plates: Crate & Barrel {here}|| White Scalloped Dinner Plates: Crate & Barrel {here}|| Gold & White Stripe Napkins: Target {here}|| Floral Napkin Rings: Target {here}|| Gold Acrylic Dining Chairs: One Kings Lane {here}|| Dining Room Rug: Wayfair {here}

Acrylic Bar Stools: LexMod {here}|| French Bulldog Cookie Jar: Target {here}|| Floral Hand Towel: Target {here}

Gold & White Shelf: Home Goods|| Entertainment Center: Wayfair {here}|| Full Length Standing Mirror: Wayfair {here}|| Mirrored Coffee & Side Table: HOM Furniture {here}|| Gold Chevron Table Tray: Hobby Lobby {here}|| Lauren Conrad's "Celebrate:" Target {here}|| Nailhead Couch & Loveseat: Wayfair {here}|| Leopard Pillow Covers: Society6 {here}|| Pineapple Pillow: Target {here}|| Living Room Rug: Safavieh {here}|| Tufted Side Chair: Wayfair {here}|| Gold Lamp: TJ Maxx|| Gold & White Dot Curtains: Menards|| Gold Clock: Hobby Lobby {here}

If you have any questions regarding further details of the kitchen/living room, don't hesitate to contact me! Comment below, PM me, or email me: @ I thank you all for sharing this journey with Jordan & I. We are so thankful for our blessings & for your ongoing love & support. We have had a whirlwind of a year...much has happened. Many changes, many life lessons, lots of ups & downs in our lives. But we are in such an amazing place right now & we are so lucky to have this new space, not to mention to keep this family "heirloom" that has been a big part of Jordan's life. Can't wait to share the rest of the rooms with ya'll! Next stop- master bedroom/bath reveals? Oh, & I can't wait for holiday decor. So many ideas! Obviously...with lots of gold/white/pink in tow. Eek! Love to all. xx

PS: Check out my reveal on Shutterfly's kitchen ideas interactive!

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The renovations are beautiful! I love the light and airy kitchen!!! So many cute changes and touches throughout!!

Interesting how you all sort of rotated homes... or halfway rotated. Ha!

Also, loving your dress and lace-up flats!!!

Awesome updates and post!!

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