Friday, May 27, 2016

Lip Tips: My Current Favorites

Ladies! Dry lips got you down? Can't seem to find that perfect shade for you? I absolutely adore all things lip color. At one point I remember a question they asked in Cosmopolitan that said, "If you had to pick one makeup item if you were stranded on a desert island & you could only have 1 thing- what would that item be?" I know, silly question right? But I started to ponder, & I chose lip color! I tend to like a lot of "fresh faced" looks, but for me, lip color really adds something to my face shape. My lips kind of "blend in" with the rest of my face when I don't have color on. I absolutely adore finding new shades that suit the season. It can be so fun! & who is looking for that perfect lip plumper to achieve the oh so adored Kylie Jenner pout? But you don't want that "sting" & "burn" from some of the lip plumpers on the market right now? But rather a natural, moisturizing plumper that leaves a level of perfect sheer shine? Read more for my favorite products!

So here they are! My current favorites: My favorite "gloss(es)" right now are the Bare Mineral's Marvelous Moxies- their Buttercream versions, because they are SO soft, not sticky, & leave your lips feeling hydrated & full. Plus they actually add a lot of color & I like that. I like pigmented lip glosses. This may not be for everyone, but if I find a lipgloss is too sheer I usually will just put it over my lipstick or stain of choice.

My favorite lipstick of literally all time (thus far): is Chanel's Rouge Allure in "Impulsive" or "Insaisissable." Seriously, my sister got me this lipstick for Christmas one year & I just can't get enough! It will forever be a staple in my makeup bag. I know I have blogged about it before but it is so perfect for everyday. This color suits me the best, I love how it pops but remains really subtle, but any color you choose I know you guys will love it because in all honesty it is just really high quality lip color. Doesn't sink into your lip creases, leaves a nice shine but is not sticky or thick, perfect for over or under glosses... you get the picture. Plus it looks pretty too!

Tarte's LipSurgence chubby stick in Enchanted has also been one of my favorites for quite awhile. I love the ease of throwing one of these in your purse, because they can serve as a lipstick, lip stain, chapstick- all in one. Plus they smell really good & leave your lips feeling moisturized. Although they don't leave a matte feeling like a lipstick, they serve really well as a chapstick for everyday use.

Urban Decay's Sheer Revolution Lipstick in "Obsessed" has been my go to for a lighter shade this Spring. I usually tend to wean towards deeper reds or corals as I think they look best with my skin tone but this light sheer pink is perfect for tanned skin & minimal makeup. I love that it is super silky smooth & goes on like butter. It leaves a nice pinky pigment that stays on really well!

Now for the big reveal, my new obsession (seriously I need a lifetime supply)- Cheeky Physique's Sublime Lip's Lip Plumper! Seriously you guys. This stuff is liquid gold. First of all, this stuff is natural goodness without the added "sting" of most lip plumpers. I naturally have a bigger pout, but of course it is fun to add some "plump" every now & then. Whenever I have tried them in the past, they have burned & stung my lips which kind of steered me away from them because I just didn't care for that "burn" as much. This gloss kind of leaves you with a slight minty "tingle" but absolutely no burning or stinging effects. I actually like the way it feels! Made with Manuka Honey, this gloss is super sheer, moisturizing, & delicious. I seriously have been using it before and after I apply lip color every morning & into the afternoon. I know, sometimes you guys may think because I collaborated with the company & received the product I may just be promoting it because well, thats what we do- but I seriously love this product. I am going to be buying it repeatedly. I think it is so amazing that I found a gloss that plumps & makes my lips feel good at the same time! You guys have to check out their website & their other products {here}. I have also directly linked this lip plumper for purchase throughout the body of the text & directly below.

Sublime Lip's Manuka Honey Lip Plumper: c/o Cheeky Physique {here}|| Bare Mineral's Marvelous Moxie Buttercream in Perky Peony: Ulta {here}|| Bare Mineral's Marvelous Moxie Buttercream in Punchy Melon: Ulta {here}|| Chanel's Rouge Allure Lip Color: Nordstrom {here}|| Tarte LipSurgence in Enchanted: Tarte {here}|| Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Obsession: Macy's {here}|| Danielle Rose Quartz Earrings: Kendra Scott {here}

Side note: Aren't those rose quartz earrings from Kendra Scott to die? They are from my latest Rocksbox set! I am in love. The gold & rose just go absolutely stunningly together. Remember, you can get 1 month of Rocksbox free by using code emilybfahlsingxoxo at checkout! I have absolutely loved my experience thus far & have gotten so many compliments on my new jewels each month. Check it out {here}! I have also linked these earrings through Kendra Scott's website directly {here} & above. Hope everyone has a blessed, sunny, & fun Memorial Day weekend! Xx

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