Thursday, June 9, 2016

Decorating Your Home: Where to Start?

I have been getting a lot of questions lately regarding home decorating- & where to start when you are changing, renovating, and/or decorating your space. At one point someone had asked me to hold a workshop, but I figured I could just incorporate a few blog posts regarding decorating & see if this is helpful for you all. If it is, say YAY! If you guys want more specifics, let me know & I will be more than happy to accommodate.

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Lets start with the basics. You aren't really feeling the space anymore. That paint color isn't suiting your style, you don't like how that chair goes with that rug (in that room), & you want a change. Or, you are starting from scratch (this is a lot easier, although can make you feel like you have NO idea what to do), & you need to come up with an idea for how you want the room to look & feel. What is the room you are decorating & what do you want the room to feel like when you walk into it/& or others walk into it? Is it a nursery? Boy/Girl? Guest room? Office? Kitchen? Bathroom? Start by just thinking about the room & how you want it to look & feel. If you honestly just don't know. Head on over to Pinterest for inspo. That is a huge go to for me. Or, sift through home magazines, Pottery Barn, Martha Stewart Living, Crate & Barrel, Better Homes & Gardens... you got it.

Jordan's Office Inspo from Home Bunch

Master Bedroom Inspo from Curated Interior

Emily's Office Inspo from The Everygirl

For us, when we started our huge home renovation, I felt kind of like a fish out of water. We had been talking about renovating for about 6 months-a year but we never really said, "Yes! we are going to do it." Until the week prior to moving came, & we were like oh wow! we are really doing this. I had chalked a bunch of photos & ideas up on Pinterest but I (we) had never really decided how we wanted the house to look & feel. I knew this much. We wanted it to be bright, white, airy, cozy, comfy, with a neutral color palette. Thats all I had to go off of. I looked to these photos for inspiration. Plus, as you all know. I am a HUGE Monika Hibb's fan. So I dreamt of our home looking somewhat on a level close to hers.

Monika Hibbs Kitchen on Style Me Pretty Living

1. Pick your color palette. I know this might be hard! But this applies for all rooms or for even if you are just painting one room in your house. Personally, if you want a cohesive look, I have found that staying in the same color palette throughout your home can make a big difference. I'm not saying you can't have warm & cool tones, but instead of doing green/yellow/brown/purple/blue separately in all of your rooms, stick to a family of colors you love. For our home, I knew I wanted whites, grieges, & beiges. I literally looked up, "most popular kitchen whites" on google. & went from there. If you are just changing up one room & are thrown off guard, look at the other rooms in your house. What colors do you have strewn about? A lot of beiges? yellows? browns? Try to go off one of the other colors in your house & compliment that one. This will make things flow more. Again, only my perspective & my personal experience. I am not expert, just taking from what I found to be helpful. See the below color palettes for my ideas.

White/Grey Natural Paint Colors by Interiors by Color

Tips for Choosing Whites from Remodelaholic

2. Do you want a theme? I don't mean a theme like disney princesses or "wild thing" ;) but have you been loving the look of a country classic kitchen? a glamorous shabby chic bedroom? or are you just specifically loving all things pink/blush/& gold? Purple/grey/& blue? You can achieve this! Start looking at photos & think what makes this room feel glamorous, bohemian, simplistic, modern... Is it the curtains? or the bed set? the couches? or the artwork? Sometimes it can be as simple as changing up your throw pillows & a rug. You don't need to go crazy for themes in each room. At our old house, I feel as though I went too theme-y with everything, each room was a different color with different artwork/decor, etc. But I think it is important to pick the way you want your home to feel. Be bold! Creativity is what makes a space great. For example:

Lauryn's Glam Meets Bohemian San Diego Home Tour on Apartment Therapy

+ The animal print rug, framed black/white artwork, & eclectic throw pillows add a bohemian feel, but the acrylic coffee table with pink books/white walls add a tinge of glam.

Kyle & Jack's Nursery via Style Me Pretty

+ Blue, white, airy. Perfect for these baby boy's nursery. But they added a little bit of a "safari theme" with a stuffed giraffe & hanging safari animal chandelier above the cribs. Not too much, but just enough!

Country Chic Bedroom from the Home Edit

+ the perfect feminine country chic bedroom. I love this "theme" because it can go in so many different directions. The vintage wall mirror, that iron bed frame, fresh flowers, scalloped dainty white linens. Perfection!

3. What furniture do you have to work with? What can you live without? I think that out with the old in with the new is always great, but sometimes you just have to work with what you have. If this is the case, & you absolutely don't like the way it looks- consider painting &/or reupholstering it. I know, it sounds like a lot of work- but it can usually be done in 1 day, & I promise you- it usually looks amazing when it is all said & done! The chairs around our dining room table have been in the family for years. They have been painted & reupholstered tons of times, & we just recently painted them white with a gold seat. They look amazing & so vintagely sweet to me! See the link I have attached for DIY upholstery {here}!

Tip for using what furniture you have: Think about mixing & matching chairs in the dining room... I love this concept & think it is so original & fun. Use a vintage piece in your bathroom (think about painting it to match the already there decor, ex: vintage chest, tray, shelf, etc). Sick of your dining room table? Add a statement tablecloth to fit the season. Sick of all of your pieces laying out, leaving your space feeling cluttered? First, get rid of the can live without pieces, otherwise, add shelving to an open wall & then stage your special somethings along the shelf. Make sure to incorporate different heights & colors that match the space you are putting shelves in!

Vintage Chairs we (Jordan ;)) Re-upholstered

Painted Coffee Table Trunk via Style Me Pretty Living

Repurposed "Island" via The Glitter Guide

Mix & Match Dining Chairs via My Paradissi

4. What do you want to be the statement piece of the room? What do you want to go off of? Sometimes, you absolutely fall in love with a painting or piece of furniture that just screams you & your vision. This can be the perfect starting point! Branch off of that one statement piece & pull colors, textures, & feelings from that & that alone. This can create the perfect space! Know how to arrange your furniture & again draw ideas from other rooms you deem to be swoonworthy. Feeling as though your space is too small? Try rearranging your furniture or getting rid of a piece or 2. Hang your curtains at the very top of your ceiling vs. where the curtain rods "should be." These little things can make a huge difference!

Animal Print Chair via Style Me Pretty

Statement Artwork in our Dining Room

Statement Mirror via Brit + Co

5. I have learned that less is more. You don't need to have tons of pieces to fill your space. Sometimes it can be overwhelming because you feel as though you want the room to be filled & you feel as though it may look drab without a lot of different decor to go off of. But in reality, you don't need a ton to make your room feel full & loved. I have a very hard time with this because I love displaying the things we have been gifted/collected over the years. I have learned that sometimes less is more. You can always switch out your favorite pieces from time to time. If you want specific photos hung on the wall of your family, travels, your loved ones, etc. Hang these up, but consider switching them out every so often vs. having all of them hung up at once. Consider a gallery wall for an open wall in your home & than keep the other walls clean with small pops of artwork. This can be hard to envision, but I promise you it will pay off in the end!

At the beginning, I want you to think about creating a space for YOU. I know some of you may not have the same tastes as I do, but that is the glory & fun of decorating! You don't need to be uncomfortable in your new space for it to look good & feel good. You don't need to have the fancy super expensive couches & artwork to make your home look updated & fresh. Pull off of these ideas as we have talked about above & start thinking.

Gallery Wall via Pottery Barn

Monika Hibb's Gallery Wall via Home Bunch

Shelfie via Cuddles & Chaos

+ Remember, how do you want the room to look & feel? What color palette are you looking to use? or already have? Do you want a theme? (but remember, lets not go crazy with themes here). Do you want a specific "look" for the space? Utilize old furniture! Think about repainting/repurposing. Or, send that item off to craigslist & think about splurging on maybe one new updated item that can be the statement piece for the room. Keep thinking, less is more. You don't need every nick nack from Aunt Sue or Grandma Jane. You can keep these pieces stored away & take them out again on a rainy day! Utilize your walls, but don't over clutter! Gallery your family photos, & grab some artwork to add flair & color. Believe me, I am still REALLY working on learning all of this. Again, I do not deem myself an expert. I have taken so much inspo from my friends & family as well, (this is huge, opinions really help from others!) I have to keep searching, & finding inspirations through my thoughts, feelings, & others. I will keep updating you guys with ideas. But this is the beginning! & it is a very good place to start. Xx

Shop a Few of my Current Home Decor Favorites:

PS: A huge thanks to all my readers! I just hit 3K on Instagram & LexMod featured our kitchen this week on their website! You guys, this is so huge for me! Thank you thank you for finding a little something in my home away from home. F4F is really starting to mean a lot to me, & it means even more to me that maybe it might mean a little something to you too! So thank you for your support & love! So much love for you, Emily.


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