Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How I Contour & My Face Makeup Staples

Hey all! I have received a lot of questions regarding what face makeup products I use on a daily basis and how I contour/highlight. I will start off by saying, I do not dramatically contour on a daily basis. Actually for everyday, I wear very little makeup, just some under-eye concealer (as shown in my tutorial below), a slight amount of bronzer/blush, mascara, & eyebrow definer. It makes for a super easy routine, which I definitely need because I don't overly enjoy sitting down for hours getting ready. But, if I have a night out; & I want to add a dash of glam to my makeup routine, I will more drastically contour, & add some more heavy shadow to my lids, & some eyeliner to finish. My makeup is decided/based on my day/night plans, the event I am going to, the season, & what mood I am in. Do all you ladies feel me?

Below, I am sharing with you guys my favorite face makeup staples that I have found to be tried & true to myself, & to my daily routine. I have watched tons of makeup tutorials & met with a few makeup artists, & these products have just proven to work really well for me, for my skin, & for my face! Funny thing is, they aren't overly expensive & a lot of them can be found in the drugstore. Which is totally okay by me! I will also be sharing with you guys my new favorite brushes to contour with from "My Make-Up Brush Set." These brushes have a oval design that literally make it super easy to contour, blend foundation/concealer, & add definition to your look. The tutorial below is more of a "getting ready in a flash- but I may have a dinner out that evening look." So a pretty typical go-to for me. I will link all products through out the post & below. Lets get started!

I start off my routine with a fresh face. I wash my face in the shower, & then I apply moisturizer & under-eye lifting cream. I sometimes will use setting spray at this time too just for extra "dewy" moisture (I use Mario Badescu's Facial Spray) & I am absolutely addicted to it. I will then apply my "face primer" which comes in the form of Nivea Men's After Shave (I know, weird/crazy right? but it works just like an expensive primer would! for me). I have lip color on at this point, but that is just to throw everything together in the end. Lip color is HUGE for me. I feel like I look kinda dead without it. This is a matte gloss that I love because it does not come off in the slightest but it doesn't dry my lips out either. Win!

The next step involves using either my beauty blender (I get it wet first), &/or the largest oval brush from My Make-Up Brush Set, & then I apply a small amount of foundation to my face. I blend it in a circular motion & only use a pea size amount on my forehead, cheeks, & chin. I don't wear foundation on a daily basis. Usually I will wear it if I am going out or headed to an event, or sometimes if I am feeling like my skin is really two-toned I will throw it on to even things out. Otherwise I like to let my skin breathe. The foundation I use is Advanced Radiance by Covergirl in "Natural", I have been using it for years & I really love it. It doesn't feel caked on or seep into my fine lines too much, but adds a good amount of coverage. Good enough for me!

My favorite part of my routine is the next step which is my "wake up stage." I get really bad under-eye circles, & I have really thin skin under my eyes, so I definitely leave it to highlighter & concealer to "wake me up" in the morning. I found a tutorial online where she uses my new favorite concealer (Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous in "Light") as a highlighter, & it is now a huge part of my routine!

I take the concealer (Ready Set Gorgeous) & apply it under my eyes, along the bridge of my nose, in the middle of my chin, right in the crease of my lip, and in between my eyebrows, & then blend with my beauty blender until you can barely tell it is there. I then use my Stay Matte Powder from Rimmel in "Translucent" (with my beauty blender) & go over the spots that I just put concealer to "bake" my face if you will & to set the concealer in place. I have used this powder for years, & I have turned a lot of friends onto it, it isn't expensive at all, & it leaves my skin matte & non-oily which helps for a good look all day long! I also defined my brows at this point. Which helps to frame my face.

To contour on a regular basis (kind of a cheat contour if you will), I just use this little 3-part "Get Cheeky" combo pack from Stila that holds a bronzer, blush, & highlighter duo. I have other bronzers/blushes that I utilize as well, but this 3-in-1 pack kind of stands as an everyday staple for me. I use my medium size oval brush (the contour brush) from My Make-Up Brush Set & apply bronzer right below my cheekbone in a swift upward motion (see above) on either side. I then apply blush to the apples of my cheekbone, & highlight just above my cheekbone to achieve a defined/but soft contoured look. If I want a more dramatic highlight, I will use Benefit's High Beam Highlighter in liquid form (just a few drops). It serves its purpose & makes my face kind of all come together!

To finish, I apply a pink pearl highlighter to my eyelids/brow bone as my eyeshadow (this is just what I do on a daily basis to wake up my eyes up more, if I am going out or to an event I will switch my shadows up), I then curl my eyelashes, apply a small amount of mascara, & then all is complete! For me, this whole process takes about 10-15 min tops depending on how tired I am. I have linked all products below. You guys definitely should consider getting an oval make up brush set from My Make-Up Brush Set if you want to really dive into the world of contouring. If you click the link, you can see it comes with 10 brushes & they all serve an amazing purpose for your makeup & your face. I think they work wonders! They are super popular on the market right now. If you guys have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram (@emilybfahlsing), or email me directly: Hope you guys found this tutorial helpful! Do you guys want more makeup tutorials on more specifics? Brows? Eyeshadows? More drastic contouring? Let me know! You guys are the absolute best. As always, thanks for reading. Xx

Oval Makeup Brush Set: c/o My Make-Up Brush Set {here}


Facial Setting Spray: Mario Badescu's Facial Setting Spray {here}|| Primer: Nivea Men's After Shave {here}|| Pink Beauty Blender: {here}|| Concealer/Highlighter: Covergirl's Ready Set Gorgeous in "Light" {here}|| Foundation: Covergirl's Advanced Radiance in "Natural" {here}|| Liquid Highlighter: Benefit's High Beam {here}|| Matte Powder: Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder in "Translucent" {here}|| Brush/Bronzer/Highlighter 3 Piece Set: Stila's "Get Cheeky" SOLD OUT; I have linked another Stila Set that has the same bronzer/blush duo {here}, otherwise I have linked one from Lancome that is almost exactly the same {here}


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Love reading about your routine! You look gorgeous!

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Love Mario Badescu's spray! That's one of my beauty secrets as well. :) Great post pretty girl!

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