Sunday, October 23, 2016

Last Minute Fall Bucket List

Hey guys! Phew! I know, its been awhile. I have been working on tons of stuff to do with revamping F4F completely to make navigating the website that much easier for all of you, & it has been taking up so much of my time, & effort! I am super excited about the new F4F, & I am hoping, & counting down- that it will be relaunched this week in all its newfound glory! Just thought I would write a quick mostly "Hello" blog post to all of my followers & readers so that you guys knew just what was up; & so that you didn't think I was off the grid completely! I have been wanting to redo the site for months now, & I finally connected with a designer to get things up & running just the way I'm hoping. A little nervous, but excited! So bare with me!

I feel like Fall is literally flying by, which makes me kind of sad because it is my favorite season! It is already getting super cold over here in Northern Minnesota, & my flannels are quickly being transitioned into huge bulky turtlenecks & knit sweaters. I am such a freeze baby! Why I live in Minnesota & have this trait, I just don't know. I had so much I wanted to do this Fall, I don't know if I will get to all of it- but it makes me feel better to at least make a list in the hopes I will accomplish some of it! I am such a "list" person. I have lists for my lists. I do not have any clue what I would do without my planner! HA. Anyone else feel me on this?

1. Carve, Decorate, Paint- Do Whatever- Pumpkins. I have already sort of checked this off my Fall bucket list, & I know it is pretty cliche, but I just think this is kind of mandatory for anyone & everyone who loves Halloween, & Fall. Although I went kind of easy & did Target kits this year to make my pumpkins "cutesy" vs. diving into intense carving action, I still love the way they look on the front stoop!

2. Add Fall floral arrangements to the inside/outside of your home. I started working on this, & although I am not to my full floral arrangement/decorating potential this year, I think even small additives can add something to a space! I filled a big vase with "mini pumpkins," & switched out my peony/daisy arrangements for mums & Fall foliage. Helps my brain to mentally transition from summer a bit.

3. Go to a cornmaze, haunted shack/house, or hayride. I just went on a haunted hayride & shack this past weekend & although it was absolutely freezing I had tons of fun doing it! Always great to get into the Halloween spirit. I could watch Hocus Pocus like 45x in a row & not get bored.

4. Bake a pie, make smores, brew up some chili/soups (chicken wild rice is my favorite), all that feel good food stuff. Enough said.

5. Start stocking up on knits! Especially for us Minnesota people, you can actually never have enough. I have linked some of my favorites here!

6. Kick back & enjoy some football (or a movie, or a book, or whatever suits your fancy)- on a Sunday. I just did this today! Made some chip dip, sat on the couch under a bajillion blankets (took a quick break to shoot quick), & literally did a whole lot of relaxing. I always feel like just lounging is made that much easier this time of year.

7. Buy a ton of Fall candles. & light them up everyday. I am working on this & my collection is intensely growing! I seriously love Fall scents. Sugar cookie, pumpkin, warm apple pie... I have linked some to die for Fall candles here, these will work throughout November too!

8. Splurge on a dark mani/pedi. I have been going kind of crazy for dark polish colors right now (brown, mauve, deep purple, grey, dark blue, etc). Linked a few here.

9. Have a bonfire. Fur blanket & red wine/pumpkin shandy included.

10. Go for runs/walks outside. This is one of my favorite aspects of this weather. I can get bundled up & go for a run outside (still, which is huge for me), & genuinely enjoy it. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right! & that crisp air though! It is so rejuvenating.

Like I said, I have checked off a few of these, but I am still working on it! I figure I have till about Thanksgiving to get my "Fall" fill. Although I feel like for us, the snows gonna fly pretty soon! Trying to make the most of it while I can! I have this next week off, so I am going to really dive in. Can't wait to share the relaunch with you all.

Love & stuff. Xx. E.

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