Monday, November 21, 2016

Easy Flawless Face with Luminess

Hey BBs! Its been awhile, so lets talk makeup. Not a lot of effort. Flawless finish. Lightweight, the real deal. On a daily basis, I try to wear a pretty minimal amount of makeup. I mean I definitely may wear more than some, but for me- I usually just stick to the essentials. We are talking- concealer (for dark spots, undereye circles), powder to set, small amount of bronzer/blush to frame my face, filled in brows (essential- this makes a HUGE difference for me), slight dusting of a VERY light highlighting eyeshadow on my lids, gloss or matte lip, & a few sweeps of mascara. Done & done.

When Luminess Air contacted me for a collaboration, I was fairly intrigued by their product. I had seen it on T.V & promoted on the internet, but I had always been fairly skeptical of airbrush. The only time I have ever been airbrushed is when I have had my makeup done professionally, & even when I had airbrush done by a professional- I was pretty nervous regarding how it would turn out. Let me tell you- doing it from home is super easy, simple, & leaves me with a face that stays on for HOURS without oily residue, smearing, or a "caked" on look. Although the majority of time I use my airbrush kit it is for situations when I need my makeup to stay put for an extended period of time without touch ups- (ex: a wedding, event, multiple shoots in a row...) but, it also is super easy to put on when I am feeling that extra flawless finish from time to time. I can incorporate it into my everyday minimal effort makeup routine & although I have kind of mastered my own routine so that my makeup doesn't slough or get too nasty by the end of the day, Luminess helps an IMMENSE amount with this. I did it this morning & my makeup still looks seriously flawless. No touch ups, & minimal effort required.

For my flawless face routine incorporating Luminess (took me literally under 10 minutes- no joke)! I start by priming my face with their airbrush primer (comes with the kit), & then letting that dry for 1-2 minutes. This just preps my face for the makeup & has moisturizing properties so that when the makeup is applied it doesn't look caked or dry!

I then start by concealing dark spots/undereye circles with my favorite concealer from Covergirl (I also use it as a highlighter)- Ready Set Gorgeous in Light. I blend this in with my beauty blender- which I get wet first. The Luminess coverage will help a HUGE amount with these dark spots & circles as well (it covers seriously SO well)- but I don't like a whole lot of coverage so I add this step so I can just do a very light finish.

Next step is to place a few drops of my "face" into the Luminess airbrush appliance! When I picked out my kit, I chose what foundations I thought would fit my face well- which they make fairly easy when looking through the options. I have a fairly light complexion, plus I like my base to be light because I don't like to be able to necessarily "see" the makeup on my skin. It's easier to add a glow with a slight sweep of bronzer than to try to nix a nasty too-dark foundation application!

Holding the airbrush applicator (don't be afraid of the application! They provide you with a super easy to read, short, concise step by step applicator process guide, & after the first time it is super simple)! 6-8 inches from my face, I pull back on the spray throttle VERY lightly, & apply the airbrush makeup in a smooth circular motion. I then apply all over my face, layering as necessary to achieve a full flawless finish! It takes probably 2 minutes total & then 1-2 minutes to dry completely. Once this is finished, I can sweep a small amount of bronzer (I use the bronzer 3some in my Anastasia powder contour set) & blush, a small amount of eyeshadow to the lids, a few brushes of mascara, & a smidge of gloss, & all is complete! Super easy & leaves me with up to 18 hour coverage! Can't beat that for a full days work.

You can get your very own Luminess Air Kit {here}! They offer four foundation finishes, airbrush eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, & a full line of cosmetics on their website.

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I have linked all of the other products I use for my "everyday minimal wear" throughout the blog post & directly through the scroll bar below.

Anything else you guys want tutorials on regarding my makeup routine? I have done a few basic posts regarding my consistent routine- I am thinking maybe a holiday glam tutorial? Let me know what you think! As always, thanks for reading lovelies. Xx! E.

*This post was sponsored by Luminess Air*

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