Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lace Up Comfy with Romwe

Here we go again! Another week has flown by. I can't believe how fast these days are going. I feel like October was like 5 minutes long, & I seriously can't believe it is November, 3rd? Whoa. Still working on the blog revamp. There is so much thought & time that goes into building and making a new website. Doesn't help that I am SUPER type A & need everything to be absolutely working & coordinated to a T! When it comes to F4F, I can't help but be pretty picky. I built it from the ground up (figured out all the html coding myself without design help originally), so I kind of still have that mindset that it has to be perfect.

The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind, which means I have needed a lot of laid back/lounge looks to keep me going. Top knots are kinda my go to when I am lazy (cue top knot in this laid back post), & this lace up sweatshirt went perfectly with my top knot & lazy attitude specifically on this football Sunday. Sundays have been my day to kind of reset lately- make comfort food, lounge, watch TV, enjoy doing nothing. I have a LOT of trouble just laying around, I feel like I need to always be emailing, moving towards something, working on a project, running errands, cleaning, organizing, etc... & I am trying to teach myself that it is okay to just sit back & relax a bit. & I am seriously enjoying it!

I adore this lace up sweatshirt & Romwe in general, & I have already had a ton of questions regarding where I got this comfy number. I have linked it below & also throughout the post (per usual)! Ya'll need it. The lace up detail is perf, plus I could wear it everyday. Mhmmmmm.

Currently gearing up for a nightshift, I know- GAH. Nights can be pretty rough! But these 12 hour shifts can't be beat. I work 10 days a month when all is said & done. I mean, that schedules kinda okay! Wouldn't trade my nurse life for nothin.

Note to all: take some time for yourself! & take time to do nothing. Even when you feel like your minds running a mile a minute. I feel like it really helps me to reset when I take a few hours to just chill on the couch, drinking coffee/(or wine)!, reading, or mindlessly watching cheesy Netflix movies.

Lace Up Sweatshirt: c/o Romwe {here}

Love & stuff. Xx E.

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