Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Morning Musts

Morning, babes! Well, kind of. I started writing this blog post this morning, & now it is moving into afternoon, but I have taken a few seconds for "me" time along the way. I wanted to write a blog post incorporating a super chill in-home session with Kellie, + my go to lounge around slouchy shirt from Shop The Mint, because I thought it would be kind of fun to talk to you guys about some of my favorite time spent at home. This involves: me, comfy clothes, a cup of coffee, & that good old morning light. Although I wouldn't classify myself as a "morning" person by any means, I have developed ways to make my early mornings at home that much more enjoyable. Granted, some days I am rushing out the door at 6:30 A.M to get to work on time, but a lot of days I have off (nurse life has MANY perks- including multiple days off during the week at times), & I have come to really enjoy waking up on the early side- & spending my mornings off doing things for me. So here we have it! Lets talk morning musts.

1. Wake up relatively early.

Relative is a strong term here, because lets face it. There are some days I am absolutely exhausted- & I can sleep in until 10, and then I wake up in kind of a haze- and my morning routine does not set off the way I want it to. But, usually I try to wake up around 8:30 A.M, & if I end up lounging in bed for 30 min scrolling social media &/or checking emails so be it. But at least my eyes are open & I am prepping for the day ahead!

2. Make coffee & eat something!

I always start my day with a cup of coffee if I can help it. I am usually only a one cup person- but sometimes I'll sneak in two. I am not reliant on the caffeine so much as I feel as though it gives me that extra pep to get my day going! I also always try to eat breakfast. I have never been a huge breakfast person- but in the last few years I have tried to consciously force myself to eat at least something! I have noticed that this genuinely makes me less hungry throughout the day. I usually go for a yogurt, small amount of cereal, fruit, piece or 2 of wheat toast, &/or eggs. Oh, & I feed Calley (my frenchie) too! ;)

3. Check my planner, respond to emails.

After making my cup of coffee & deciding what I want to eat, I usually check my planner for what I have on my "to-do" list for the day &/or week. I am such a "list" person its insane. I always have lists made for each day & week, regarding what I would like to get accomplished. Granted this doesn't always go as planned, but it feels so great when I can "check" things off as I go! I feel like amongst all the craziness of our everyday lives & routines, having a small amount of organization in the form of a planner or lists can give me (& us as people) some sanity! I usually do all of this while playing something on the T.V in the background- it might sound horrible but I usually have the T.V on all day everyday. I usually just play HBO/Starz/Showtime movies on a consistent loop- I am such a movie buff I could watch/listen to movies like 5x over & not get bored. Weird, I know.

4. Light some candles, & clean like crazy.

I know this might sound crazy, but cleaning is the most relaxing time for me in the morning. My close friends & family give me a ton of crap because I am actually kind of a freak when it comes to cleaning, but I actually really love to clean. It soothes me, & relaxes me, & when it is finished- I always feel like 100x better! I usually start my days by dusting, wiping counters, throwing a load of laundry in, & vacuuming. Have you guys ever heard of the Dyson cordless handheld? Good. Lord. This thing is life changing. It makes vacuuming take like 5 minutes instead of 25 minutes. It is so easy to use & actually works super well! Okay, end Dyson obsession rant. :) Oh, & I always have candles burning. I love when the house smells good. It puts my mind at ease.

5. Workout.

I always try to get a workout in before "starting" my day if I can help it. Usually this is in the form of running, whether it be outside or on the treadmill. Otherwise, I dive into some form of resistance/plyometrics at home- or I head to Evolve for some Yoga. I am majorly obsessed with Yoga Sculpt right now, I usually go way early in the A.M or in the evening- & either way I feel AMAZE afterwards. It is like the best workout I have ever experienced. Definitely will continue incorporating this into my routine. Hot Flow & HIIT are amazing too!

6. Hydrate.

I try to drink a ton of water throughout the day, & the best way to start this is in the morning! Some days I am horrible about getting enough water in but I usually try to drink at least 2 of my Blender Bottles before noon. New Years goal (amongst many): be better about drinking water at work!

7. Turn on Spotify/Pandora.

Turning on music can really lift my mood & pump me up. I am a sucker for Pandora & Spotify, because I love not having to mess with scrolling through my music selections. Favorite Spotify playlist for mornings right now: Fresh & Chill. Check it out!

8. Shower & get ready.

Obviously this is huge. As soon as I am "ready" for the day, I feel like I can do anything! I always feel better after a shower, & putting myself together. I try to do this as early as possible, but I usually end up in the shower late morning, & hey, thats okay!

9. Figure out what I want to accomplish that day.

Refer to planner. I always have errands, a blog post, an appt, or something I like to accomplish during the day on my days off. Somedays- I have a ton on my plate, other days- like today; all I had on my planner was this blog post & sculpt tonight. I just always enjoy having something on my list of plans! Keeps me going & motivated.

10. Get out the door!

I usually always try to leave my house at least once on my days off. This could be going for coffee (or wine ;)) with a girlfriend, running an errand, working out, grabbing food, or just getting out for some me time. It really is a true statement when people say, "fresh air does the body & mind good!" I always feel better after leaving the house, even if its just for a quick minute.

So there you have it! My morning musts & ideal morning routine. Can't always have this go perfectly as planned, but this is usually what a morning in the life of Emily revolves around. I have linked this slouchy from Shop the Mint (seriously you guys, so comfortable- I sleep in it), & it comes in multiple different styles/colors! Plus some of my other morning musts & cozies below! Even though the holidays are nearly over- we can't forget NYE this weekend! You might still be in the market for giving, & these would make for some perfect post Christmas/Birthday/New Years gifts.

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Morning Musts:

As always, thanks for reading. Next post up- NYE outfit inspo! Even though I'll be working this New Years, I definitely still have an outfit & multiple outfits in mind for inspo. Lots of love. Xx E.

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