Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Everyday Hoodie

Friends! Christmas is quickly approaching, & I am going to try to get F4F really into the Christmas spirit the next few weeks. I want to share with you guys a few holiday gift guides, holiday home decor, & some holiday wear posts. + I want to share with you guys some options for super PERFECT Christmas gifts! Including this super cozy/comfy live-in hoodie from DLH Clothing.

Sunday is my favorite! But I think you guys know that already. Today I made cheesy chicken/broccoli soup, cozied up on the couch, & put some more touches on my holiday decor at home. The tree is up & looks pretty amazing I must say! I shared a picture of it on IG today (@emilybfahlsing)- (I will share more I promise)! plus if you guys want more cheesy holiday snaps of my "putting my house together," plus a bajillion #OOTD's, lots of food posts, & snaps of my frenchie- follow me on snapchat: UN: Emily Fahlsing (embark). It was a good day! & the snow was falling outside in the most serene way. Perfect Sunday = complete.

Although DLH has a few different hoodies to choose from, (check out their website for more), this one is my absolute favorite. It is so versatile (it could look good on a female or male- it comes in unisex), COZY (I literally wear mine over & over), & not to mention cute! I love wearing it alone or layering it with an oversized scarf, or cute coat. The neutral grey & the white drawstrings make it super easy to pair it with just about anything. I have shared a post featuring DLH before, (I am obsessed with their line, & their tees/sweatshirts- see their super cute 218 (Duluth zip code) tee & my blog post featuring it- {here}! I am wearing a size small in this sweatshirt & it fits me perfectly.

As I said in my last post with DLH, if anyone has ever had their heart stolen by Minnesota (in anyway), you will find a connection to their line. Their uniqueness, and attention to detail; + genuine high quality of clothing can't be beat! I love all of their different options for colors, & I think that their pieces are the best kind of MN art. This hoodie made it easy to go on an adventure through the woods with the best: @kellieraestudio. It was light enough to move around easily in, but kept me warm even though the morning air was crisp!

This winter is going to be a good one in Duluth. I know it is going to get REALLY cold, & really snowy-but I can't wait to spend days like this Sunday (in my hoodie ;))! Snuggled up on the couch, with a cup of something warm, in my favorite knit socks, while the snow falls, tons of candles going, genuinely enjoying just living. & HEY! The outdoors aren't half bad either. The snow gets really white & shiny up here in the northland! (because we get SO much of it)! ;) I hope everyone is having a great start to their December. PS: as I mentioned last week, my Hunter Boots are still on major sale, & would also make for the PERFECT Christmas gift with this hoodie! I have linked them below! PPS: F4F Blog revamp is still happening! This switch over business is not the easiest of all time. Stay tuned! Xx E.

Photography: Kellie Rae Photography; website {here}; IG:

Everyday Hoodie: c/o DLH Clothing {here}|| Red Cargo Jacket: Target {here}|| Eyeglasses: Dolce & Gabbana (Old); Similar {here}|| Boots: Hunter Boots (ON SALE)! {here}

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