Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How I Whiten with Smile Brilliant

New Year? New Smile! I have been anxiously awaiting the day I would get to share with you guys my trial with Smile Brilliant, because it is honestly THE best teeth whitening kit/trial I have done thus far in my 27 years of life ;)- & Man; have I done a lot of teeth whitening. I wanted to wait until after the New Year to write this post because I know for myself, this is when I am really wanting to make moves towards some positive changes (resolutions & such), & what better way to make you feel better about YOU than to improve & brighten that smile!

I have struggled with teeth staining for years & years. Although I have spent a lot of time, effort, & money on my smile- it is a constant struggle to keep up with it! I have had 2 rounds of braces, & multiple cosmetic fillings because when I was growing up, my teeth were REALLY in need of some work. Blessed was I to be able to have all of this done, which makes me want to keep up with my dental hygiene that much more! Cue in teeth whitening trials. I can honestly say I have trialed A LOT when it comes to the whitening spectrum. I have used trays, UV lights, strips, toothpaste, mouthwash, you name it- I've probably done it! & I can honestly say that Smile Brilliant has given me the quickest, most noticeable results of all my trials! I am a daily coffee, & frequent red wine drinker- ;) so this makes for a lot of harsh stains that my teeth are exposed to on the regular. I usually have to keep up with whitening fairly frequently to keep things fresh!

What I love about Smile Brilliant (some key points):

1. The system is Personalized to YOU & for YOU.
When you order your Smile Brilliant package, they send you trays & the necessary molds to create custom fitting trays that will perfectly fit you & your smile. This is just like what they would do at the Dentist!- Which makes for a super comfortable whitening treatment! I don't even notice my trays are in half the time. I have found that one of the biggest cons in regards to teeth whitening in general are the bulk of trays, the slipping & sliding of strips, & the leakage that comes from the gel when the trays are too big or too little. Having custom trays makes it so that NONE of these things happen! Custom-fitted teeth whitening trays are the best way to reach every surface of your teeth. Perfect fitting for you.

2. Easy to use & quick results.
Like I said, I can pretty much do everything & anything with my trays in- because I don't even really notice they are there. This makes it super easy to get the motivation to throw em in! Because I have whitened so many times in the past, I am kind of more or less whitening for maintenance vs. whitening because I absolutely NEED to get things done quickly. What surprised me is after each treatment I feel like my teeth are whiter immediately! This impressed me because it usually takes multiple treatments before I see a huge change.

3. Do your sensitive teeth keep you from whitening frequently? Smile Brilliant has de-sensitizing gel. BEST EVER.
This is probably my favorite aspect of the Smile Brilliant kit. My teeth get SUPER sensitive after whitening. They actually kind of hurt, & I feel like I can't eat or drink anything too hot or too cold for days following my treatment because my teeth are just that sensitive! But guess what? Smile Brilliant has desensitizing gel that fixes all of that. For 20-30 min following my whitening treatment, I throw the desensitizing gel into my trays- & sensitivity is poof! Gone. Seriously it is amazing. It feels like it heals my teeth! & it doesn't effect the whitening process negatively at all.

4. It is a way cheaper (but equally effective) option compared to getting your teeth whitened at the Dentist.
I have thrown around the idea of just going to get a whitening treatment done at the Dentist, because it was really tempting to just have a one & done situation. The pricing on these dental treatments can be outrageous! & I just didn't have that kind of money to commit. Although Smile Brilliant has a price tag, it is oh so worth it for the work that it does on your smile! Definitely worth the price.

5. Most importantly- it works!
Like I preached above, this system WORKS! & it gives you lasting results. Plus you can keep whitening without the sensitivity downfall. There really is no reason why you can't get the white smile you've always wanted if you commit to using Smile Brilliant!

My personal before/after results (Top: Before; Bottom: After):

+ For a very descriptive interpretation of the Smile Brilliant whitening process, {watch this} for a video tutorial & review from vlogger Danielle Mansutti! +

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PS: even if you are not the selected winner, or you just can't wait that long- use coupon code: fahlingforfabulous05 for 5% off your Smile Brilliant purchase!

Are you excited to want to be constantly cheesing that pearly white smile? 2017 is YOUR year. Happy Whitening babes! Xx. E.

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