Monday, February 27, 2017

Beating the Winter Blues

Is anyone else struggling with these short (but often seem super long)- Winter days? Although Spring is just around the corner, sometimes it can seem like forever before we start to get glimpses of green & sunshine around these parts. Especially in Northern MN! I can definitely say I have a very large dose of seasonal depression, which I have struggled with for many years. You'd think I would move away to somewhere super warm where the sun shines bright all the time- amiright? But, I just can't kick you MN! So instead, i've learned (self taught) how to cope with these long (often times dark/dreary) months- to make them just a little bit brighter before Spring hits with full force.

1. Buy/Wear bright colors!

I had to incorporate this blog post in with this specific shoot because A. it was literally one of the most wintery days to date when we shot (ice/sleet/rain/snow/winds - you name it - we dealt with it - my eyes were literally watering from the weather & laughing so hard), & B. I wore my absolute favorite item of this season for the shoot, (& it is BRIGHT red)! I actually was gifted this coat for Christmas, (thanks Mom & Dad)! but my Mom & I picked it out together. I had my eye on this color specifically because I knew it would get me through these dark days by adding some brightness into my wardrobe! I get A TON of compliments on how much it pops. It sold out at JCrew (& all sister stores) almost immediately over the holiday season; (the same thing happened last year, but I just happened to snag one of the returns)! I'll link a few in the scrollbar if you guys want to try to snag one too! (I also found some on Poshmark, Amazon, & eBay).

Wearing bright colors- even if it is just in the form of something small like your bag, or your nail polish- can make anyone smile a little bit bigger. Just last week I changed my mani to bright pink & had a ton of people comment on how it was fun to see a bright color in the middle of winter. One of these weeks, ditch the urge to don everyday neutrals & add a pop of red, yellow, green, etc! You'll thank yourself later.

2. Pick up on a new T.V or book series.

A lot of my favorite shows re-boot in January/February & I love having these to look forward to on my chill nights in. Currently binge watching: Scandal, HTGAWM, Reign, Nashville, & I just started Big Little Lies on HBO. I am always switching things up but it is fun to have these to jump through! I just finished Stranger Things & I actually really loved it.

Books can be a great a getaway for my mind when I just want to shut off for awhile. I have a hard time taking 20 out of my day to just sit down & read- because my mind tends to run on background noise- but I really try to take time to do this! Blogging also does this for me, & I am so thankful that I have it as a source of zen. Currently reading: The Good Girl-Mary Kubica. This Spring I am contemplating starting a book club! I think it sounds like so much fun!

3. Clean house & organize! Key in on cozy touches.

I start each day with keeping things clean around the house! Whether it be dusting, vacuuming, doing laundry, etc. It always makes me feel a little better to keep my living space uber comfy to live in. Once things are tidied up to your liking; light a few candles & lay out some of your warmest blankets on the couch! This creates a super relaxed space for you to chill when you can grab a few moments. If you really want to go above & beyond- try rearranging your furniture or emptying out some of your closet. Out with the old & in with the new always makes me feel a little better too! (did not mean to rhyme there, lol) For me, organizing is relaxing. I feel like I have accomplished something & that I can truly max out when things are clean & tidy!

4. Find your own outlets. Get up & move!

Question. What do you do for yourself (weekly) that makes you get that extra endorphin boost?
I never really truly understood how important this is until I started working out on the regular. Having an outlet of some sort- it doesn't necessarily even have to be high intensity or intense paced- is SO important to keep your positivity during the winter months. Whether it be a class, sport you stick to, team event, etc... having these goals & activities to look forward to & work towards can make a huge difference in your outlook on the daily!

This year I started going to Yoga on the regular at Evolve Duluth, & it has made a huge impact on my workout routine & life. Even though I sometimes dread going to class, I live for the feeling afterwards! I have also found this endorphin boost in running/walks outside/on the treadmill. Find something that works for you & try to stick to it! It will have such a positive impact, I promise.

5. Cook up your own version of comfort foods- but attempt to stay fresh & light.

I really look forward to cooking meals & just eating in general (don't we all? ;)). I love going out to eat, but I have found that what makes me feel the best is to make a super good home cooked meal at home. For these long winter months, I love making dishes that are filling but don't drag me down for days following. Instead of a huge pizza (even though that is literally my favorite food- I could eat it everyday), I try to lean towards stir fry or low-cal Mexican (think subbing greek yogurt for sour cream, ground turkey vs. ground beef, more veggies, etc). Try to find your comfort foods & then search for different light variations of them. It is hard to get up in the AM when you are still dragging from how much you ate the night before!

These tips/tricks/reminders make a HUGE difference in my outlook on the winter season, & I have learned have helped me immensely with keeping a positive mind/outlook on each day. Not saying I don't have days where I need a lot of coaxing from the coffee pot, maybe a glass of wine (or 3 ;)) in the evening, & some good long therapy chats with loved ones- but its keeping these in my back pocket that really help me out! With that being said, whose ready for March? (insert raising hand emoji here)! Hope you guys have had a good start to your week on this Monday.

Photography: Kellie Rae Photography; website {here}; IG:

Cream Knit Sweater: c/o Ami Clubwear

PS: I linked my coat directly above, + I added in some options for my Superstars to purchase. I am currently obsessed with these kicks- it may sound cliche but they go with absolutely everything, & I know they are going to be my go-to slip ons for this summer!

As always, thanks for stopping BB's! Xx. E.

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