Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bodysuits: A Year-Round Trend

Hey Guys! Whoa. Sorry for the MIA stint there, I have been kinda tending to myself and the blog got put on the back burner but I think thats okay every once in awhile! When I started Fahling for Fabulous, I told myself that this blog was going to be about communication with my friends/family/other bloggers, having a hobby that I really enjoyed, & to rave about things I am passionate about. It has definitely turned into way more than that with all of the collaborations & the relationships I have developed within the blogging/photography/artistic/social media community, & although I absolutely LOVE it & am so happy that it has brought about tons of relationships, fun, & smiles- sometimes I just need me time (& thats okay too)!

Anywho- I wanted to share with ya'll my obsession with bodysuits because they are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Well- okay, not really. But they are pretty rad. I love the fact that a bodysuit leaves a sleeker look when going for a "tucked in" vibe. I wear bodysuits with high waisted anything- & I don't have to worry about a huge bulky shirt sticking out in all the wrong places under a skirt/in my jeans/etc. Bodysuits can be worn year round- I wore them in the form of sweaters (ex: this post) throughout the winter & now I have my eyes on some adorable ones for the Spring/Summer season- which I have linked & attached for you guys to obsess over too!

As far as life lately goes, nothing much has been going on! Focusing on work, R&R, yoga (still obsessed with Yoga at Evolve Duluth- for any Duluthians; you guys gotta come to a class! $12 drop in)! Trying to eat semi healthy (tried out Blue Apron meals- learned some pros & cons to these)- also this whole eating healthy thing all the time is super hard for a beer & pizza lover (hehe), & in the midst of planning a few trips for the next couple months! I had every intention of not going anywhere for Spring Break, but the travel bug hit me- & I planned a trip to San Diego end of next month! I am so freaking excited for the beach & lobster tacos. MMMM YAS. Also planning on visiting my sister for her 21st birthday end of May in Chicago- that could get a little wild for my 27 year old self. But hey, she only turns 21 once! If you guys wanna follow along on daily life & activities (+ for these trips, cause I am kind of snapchat crazy); my snap handle is: embark (Emily Fahlsing), & my IG is @emilybfahlsing.

Hope everyone is enjoying this Spring weather! I am really holding out for no more snow, but I can't predict a darn thing in regards to weather in Northern MN.

Love Ya BB's! Xx. E

Photography: Kellie Rae Photography; website {here}; IG: www.instagram.com/kellieraestudio

My Outfit:

Bodysuit: Zara; Similar {here}|| Skirt: Forever 21 {here}|| Black OTK Boot: Steve Madden {here}

Bodysuits to Obsess Over:

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