Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Festival Feels with Ettika & 10 Facts

Hey guys! I may fly through this fairly quickly because I just got back from vacation & I have definitely needed some R&R to recoup before I head back to work this evening! California was ah-mazing. The weather was perfect (like 80's & pure sun), & we had an absolute blast. I love San Diego. I legit want to retire there. Everyone is so chill & laid back; yet active (everyone is always running/biking/rollerblading the boardwalk like all hours of the day), & the shops/scene/restaurants etc. are all so individualized & unique! I enjoyed every minute, not to mention the company was great! (we went with some friends I met through work we absolutely adore & their 15 month old daughter who I treat like my own, she's so preshy). Fairly short trip, but oh so worth it for a long weekend.

After all of this California action & warm weather I have been having all of the festival feels. How I have not been to Coachella I just do not know. I legit get SO jealous every year when I see everyone on social media & snapchat living it up in the desert (my sister will text/call me on the daily questioning why in the f we aren't there)- & these past 2 weekends my SM was blowing up with Chella. & I was even in Cali! Someday I will attend. Someday.

Ya'll know I love maxi dresses & rompers, & this maxi-romper combo from American Eagle is SO cute for this Spring/Summer. I love the unique back straps & the floral print. I paired it with this choker from Ettika (you guys will fall in love with their collection- they have SUCH unique pieces but yet so on point for every season- I have gotten a ton of compliments); & voila. Perfect festival vibe. Although this specific day we shot was rather chilly in Duluth (but really when isn't it? ;)) I just had to shoot this dress! I linked this specific dress from A&E below (it is currently 50% off)! along with some others that are similar to it so you guys can get your hands on one for this summer. I thought it would be super cute paired with fringe booties or embellished sandals for a dinner date out.

Photography: Kellie Rae Photography; website {here}; IG: www.instagram.com/kellieraestudio

A&E Maxi-Romper: (ON SALE 50% OFF)! {here}|| Ettika Choker: c/o {here}

To spice things up a bit I thought I would share with you guys 10 random facts about me! I always go on long rants about daily life in my blog posts but I haven't really shared just basic random facts about me (besides in my "about" section of the blog)- so I thought why not! Lets get on a personal level with my readers. So here we be!

10 Random Facts About E.

1. What is my all time favorite movie? This is SO difficult because I am huge into movies (I am kind of a movie buff, HBO is always on in the background during the day) but I would have to go with- Titanic. My 13 year old self fell absolutely in love with the story (not to mention Leo- cause who didn't)?

2. What is my phone background? A picture of Calley is my lock screen in her Valentines Day get up (she's like my child), & my home screen is verse: "God is within her, she will not fall." PSALMS 46:5

3. Speaking of, What is my favorite quote? This definitely changes every few months but RN I love this: "You fall, you rise, you make mistakes, you live, you learn. You're human, not perfect. You've been hurt, but you're alive- to breathe, to think, to enjoy, and to chase the things you love. Sometimes there is sadness in our journey, but there is also lots of beauty. We must keep putting one foot in front of the other even when we hurt, for we will never know what is waiting for us just around the bend."

4. What is my favorite food? This is extremely difficult. I'd say it changes like every 6 months- but my favorite type of food is Mexican. I love nachos, & tacos, & really anything with this flavor profile. Otherwise my favorite dinner right now is chicken, rice, & veggies (like what they would make at a Hibachi restaurant). I'd say I make this dinner like 3x a week. Kind of obsessed.

5. Who & what inspires me? On an everyday basis- my loved ones. The best advice I have ever received have been from my family & friends. I don't know what I would do without them! I am truly blessed with wonderful people in my life. The greatest aspects of living have stemmed from the people surrounding me; & I wouldn't trade them for the world!

6. What do I absolutely have to do on a daily basis? CLEAN. I am seriously a crazy clean freak. I wish somedays I wasn't so Type A/OCD. I wake up & vacuum, dust, make my bed, organize, etc. Every. Single. Day. Is anyone else like this? I love it but I hate it! ;)

7. Favorite Holiday? Eek! I love Halloween because I love that time of year in Minnesota. I LOVE Fall. The crisp air & changing leaves, warm food, & just the genuine coziness of wrapping up at home. I just think Halloween is so fun. I also adore Christmas though! So it is a really tough choice!

8. Drink of choice? I am kind of a drink fanatic, when I was younger I would get excited to go run errands because I got to pick up a "special drink" (usually like a sparkling water or something), when I would tag along. RN; Coffee: Iced Latte with Skim & Sweetener. Cocktail: Limon & Diet. Everyday: Sparkling Melon La Croix. YAS.

9. Any "Bad" Habits? I don't know if this is deemed to be bad but I am kind of crazy when it comes to having my nails polished. I always have to have color on them or i get like anxious. This is weird. Also- anyone that knows me knows that I am CRAZY when it comes to lint. I carry a lint roller with me...everywhere. This is also weird. Fully aware! HA.

10. Favorite way to stay active? Running & Yoga. These are game changers for me. If I can tell I am getting crabby or on edge- I tell myself I have to run or hit a class. Instant mood change. I feel so much better.

Thanks for reading BB's! Xx. E. (^^ Don't you guys love this outtake? Fashionista. LOL)


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