Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Healthy Hair Secrets with Pantene

I have had multiple requests for more hair/beauty routine posts; so I was super excited to share this one with you all!

Shiny, Healthy, Long & Strong, Voluminous, Glowing Hair.

Ladies; this is all kind of the dream right? I get a lot of questions as to how I keep my hair long & healthy- & I can definitely say it doesn't come without good product use & daily care/maintenance! Not to say I don't have my dull days & bad hair days, because these are absolutely inevitable. But most of the time- I feel as though my hair is fairly manageable (sometimes I swear I can't stop my hair from growing ((my roots definitely don't thank me for this)), & no I don't have extensions or use crazy hair vitamins)!; & I have my few healthy hair tips; & now Pantene to thank for that!

I have been coloring my hair since I was about 15 years old. I have never switched up my actual hair color, but when I was younger; I went through a phase where I would full blown bleach my hair because I was in such denial that my hair was dulling to a dirty dish-wash blonde/brown combo from my once upon a time bright blonde thick locks.

Bleaching definitely didn't do my hair any favors, so once I hit college & I got a little smarter when it came to hair care I realized I had to do some major damage control. I started only partially coloring my hair; & when I did color it I would only get a highlight/toning combo vs. using super harsh bleach all over. I also started caring about what shampoo & conditioner combo I was using. I tried a few different combinations; but I noticed about every 3-6 months I would need to change what product I was using because it just didn't seem to be doing the trick anymore. I have been going through this pattern for about 6 years now; finagling through the product lines- going with the expensive to not so expensive. & Voila! Insert Pantene Pro-V's new Radiant Color Shine Shampoo and it's matching Conditioner here.

For the past 2 months I have been using Pantene's new Radiant Color Shine line as my primary shampoo & conditioning combo & I am absolutely loving it. Coming from someone who usually only washes their hair 1-2x a week (I literally could not live without dry shampoo); I now feel much more confident in the ability to wash my hair a few times over & keep it healthy all at the same time. I stopped washing my hair regularly about 2 years ago because I saw how damaging it was - washing my hair on the regular actually made my hair weighed down & more greasy (+ majorly dulled my color), & I HATED that! Due to Pantene's new shampoo (which actually incorporates nourishing lipids & antioxidants that penetrate into the actual hair strands), I can now wash my hair confidently without worrying about my color stripping, losing my hair's natural moisture, or greasy buildup.

When I was little- I literally would get so worked up over the Pantene commercials. I remember asking my Mom- "Why can't I have hair like those women?" My Mom would always say stuff like; "Honey, this is just a commercial- & it involves a lot of styling & hairspray" LOL. Even though these statements are very true (yes Mom, I am admitting you are usually right on point ;)), I continue to have full confidence in Pantene & their product lines just as I did when I was a little girl. Their new shampoo is super creamy & luxurious in texture, leaves my hair detangled (even before applying conditioner), & keeps that shine locked in that we all strive for! Not to mention post hair washing even my house smells amazing. It's that good.

5 Healthy Hair Secrets I Follow:

1. For the past 2 years, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my shampoo and conditioner, & I wasn't washing daily because I thought it was drying out my strands, so dry shampoo quickly became my best friend. Since coming across Pantene's new shampoo two months ago, I can now wash my hair more regularly without drying out my hair. Phew! (Thanks again, Pantene)!

2. Use soft tie ponytails! Elastics are so harsh on your hair & tug/pull on your hair strands. When I want my hair out of my face; I always use one of those big 4 prong hair clips. This also doesn't leave me with a hair crease!

3. Avoid too much heat. If you can, try to limit the amount of times you blow-dry your hair in a week. If my day allows, I will let my hair air dry & then style it (especially if I am going to be curling it). I know somedays this just won't fly with your routine, but if you can spare your hair some hot tools- you are doing right by it! I usually try to make my curls last a few days & then I just do touch ups if I decide to all over curl my hair.

4. Use the right hair brush. If you brush your hair whilst wet- use a wet brush. This changed my life when it came to hair brushing! So much less tugging when it came to brushing my hair when wet. Game changer.

5. Request deep conditioning treatments at the salon (if you are getting your hair colored) & minimize the amount of time & switch up between colors. Don't try to switch up your color or your coloring routine every few months! Your hair is going to get dry, break, & be brittle. This is just a fact! If you are deciding to color your hair regularly, ask for a deep conditioning treatment or buy one to trial once a week or every 2 weeks at home post color.

Outfit Details:

Off the Shoulder Salmon Top: TJ Maxx; Similar (I'm ordering this one next, I am seriously obsessed with it)! {here}|| Splat Crop Jeans: Old; Similar {here}|| Chunky Heels: Indigo Rd. {here}

*THANK YOU to Pantene for Sponsoring this Post!*

& Thank you to all of you BB's for reading! As always.


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Your hair IS SO GORGEOUS!!! So long oh my goodness. You posted some great hair health tips too!

Happy Tuesday!


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