Sunday, November 19, 2017

Microblading 101: My Experience

Hey y'all! I have had TONS of questions secondary to my microblading experience with the ever so talented Ally from Highbrow Studio in Minneapolis. & I have been so excited to share with you guys! I can't rant & rave about this enough, I think it is such an amazing option for pretty much anyone who wants a fuller natural brow (without the day to day hassle of filling in/makeup application, etc).

I literally butchered my brows as a teen, & for some reason went years without caring at all about brow care/filling them in, etc. I mean no- I didn't completely let them go; but I literally would either over pluck or just leave them be, & because of my lighter hair color- they were basically non existent. Bring on my college years & big, natural, gorgeous brows started to come back in, & I was like WOW. I really need to step up my brow game. I had moments of fail/no-fail with makeup application, started getting them waxed (to formulate a shape) about every 3 months, & then finally came across a brow I was fairly happy with. This is great! But unless I fill them in on the daily with my routine makeup application (I use Sonia Kashuk pencil in Taupe- btw), I still struggle with how light/patchy they are in some spots from my years of butchering. Anyways. There is my personal brow story. Can I get an Amen 90's baby ladies?

I came across microblading this last year when I stumbled upon Ally's IG- & I was very intrigued. I have never gotten a tattoo, & I have absolutely NEVER been interested in permanent makeup. I am one of those who gets easily scared away by others makeup applications (except Mindie @makeupbymindie- cuz she's a literal makeup master), & so this both excited me & frightened me all at once. I was like whoa! This could be a major game changer. Her skills seemed to be absolutely ON point, & I loved the brows that evolved from her technique. Super natural, filled in (but not too extreme), gorgeous. What every girl wants without the hassle, amiright?

So after much back & forth inner convincing, I booked! & guess what? I LOVE & LOVED. Everything about the experience has been a major YES in my book. I love my new brows- & they are still healing! So I know I am going to love them to their full potential for years to come. To answer all (or hopefully some of) your questions about my experience, I wanted to do a little Q&A. For any other questions you guys may have- feel free to DM/PM me!

Microblading Q&A
(with much help from the master herself, Ally @ Highbrow)

1. What is the investment?
Most sessions will cost you $300-500 for your initial session & your touchup depending on the studio/artist. If you are booking below this amount- question it & the studio! This is a big investment but also absolutely necessary for the tedious work it takes to micro-blade.

2. Did it hurt?
Yes & No. HA! I went into the process thinking it was going to be SUPER painful, & I braced myself for the worst. I have never had a tattoo, & I had no idea what to expect. For the initial go around, she pre-numbed me; but it wasn't enough to really completely numb me. The sensation is worse than anything, due to the tool they use & the cuts that are made. It was more "uncomfortable" than painful I would say. After the first initial cuts are made- she numbed me again; so for the second go around I was completely numb & I didn't feel a thing! This whole process only takes about 20 min so it was definitely tolerable.

3. What is the process like? (How long does it take)?
(This is from my experience specifically, everyones might be different): First, she pre-numbed me with a gel/solution and then we went over my consult (30 min). She mapped my brows (seen in photos above) with a pencil to show me how she deemed my brows would look when complete. These were symmetrical and specific to the shape my brows "should be" when finished with the microblading process. Following this, she showed me a few pigments that would work for my brows (hair color/brow color). I was able to pick from these pigments which shade fit me best based on the pencil/makeup color I use & my hair color.

Following this, we started the initial blading process. As I stated above, I could feel this process- as the topical numbing doesn't completely numb you. After she makes the first initial cuts (this takes about 10 min), she applied the second layer of numbing cream- & let me sit for another 20 min to let this kick in. Once kicked in, she went over my brows and bladed again (another 10 min) which ended in completion of my brows! All in all, the process took about 2 hours (which is fairly typical for a session).

4. How long do they last?
Typically, (from the reviews + research I have done) they last about 1-3 years. Everyone's skin is different!
** You WILL absolutely need to go back in for your 6-8 week touch-up (some people ask if you need to go in for your touch up session or if its just as needed), but the touch up is really what solidifies & gives you your "perfect" brows. In the initial session, they aren't able to make every stroke necessary to achieve your brow as they don't want the tint to run together. In your touch up session- they can add these extra strokes, along with adjust your tint/shape as well if you'd like! It is a two step process, but oh so worth it in the end!

5. How do they match/achieve your wanted brow color?
As said above, she made a swatch of some tints on my forehead so I could see which ones fit my skin tone/brow color best. She also makes her suggestions, & you kind of go over a mini consult as to which tint matches your hair color/makeup you use to fill. I went with her suggestion, & they match perfect! (in above before/after photos- you will notice they are slightly reddened in appearance, but this is just my skins reaction beneath the tint color ((like when your skin is slightly red/swollen surrounding a new tattoo)).

6. What does aftercare involve? Will I be able to go out in public?
Aftercare is pretty easy, not to mention Ally is SO cute & she swags you up with an aftercare package- complete with organic baby soap (for cleansing your brows), grape seed oil (to keep them moist so they don't dry out), chocolates, etc! Pretty much aftercare involves no touching/cleansing your brows for 24 hours (as they are essentially an open area), no sleeping on your face, no long showers/extensive exercise/sweating (so that bacteria isn't introduced)- for 2 weeks. You are also instructed to cleanse your brows with the baby soap & apply the grape seed oil (after the first initial 24 hours) for 2 weeks. I am in the healing process now, & I have noticed a small amount of flaking - but nothing too extreme!

The first 1-2 days I did notice my brows got a lot darker in appearance, which Ally states is completely normal & to not freak out when this happens. This is just the scabbing process of your cuts/tint. Following this, (the process I am going through right now) when things start to flake off, your brows get MUCH lighter in appearance & I am all like- "where have my brows gone!" But fear not! They will return in the next few days, & will be further enhanced at the touch up appointment.

7. Will I still need to wear makeup to fill in my brows?
I asked Ally this question because I was all about not having to do the whole 2-5 min brow makeup filling process on the daily. She stated its kind of up to everyone, but that she usually doesn't have to fill her brows in. If you wanted a more dramatic look for a night out- you probably could, but as for me so far- I haven't even thought to fill mine in, & I am LOVING it!

8. Do I have to do anything to prepare for my appt?
I didn't really have to do any specific prep, but it is smart to avoid any types of blood thinners, tanning or extreme sun exposure, chemical peels/extensive face scrubs, etc. so that your skin/brows are prepped & ready for the microblading process.

If you want to bring in any photos of you with makeup on, or how you want your brows to look post micro-blade, this can be helpful! Along with the color of makeup you use to fill in your brows if you want this specific tint.

9. How do I book?
I have attached all the necessary contact info for booking below! Along with Highbrow's Instagram & Facebook page links.

{Ally, Highbrow Master & Owner + Myself}

10. What did YOU think initially?
See video below for my reaction. ;)

Highbrow Studio
701 North 3rd Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota
(IG): @highbrowstudiomn
(FB): Highbrow Studio

All of this information is secondary to my personal experience, & all questions/answers are specific to my experience with Highbrow Studio. No ones experience is guaranteed the same! If you guys are going to another studio- make sure you ask in depth questions prior to your appt!

PS: My girl Alex is also a MAJOR boss at Highbrow & just started expanding her client base. If you need another highbrow artist to book with - she's your gal!
Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! I had a ton of fun writing it because I am seriously super in love with my new brows, & I know you guys would/will be too if you decide its worth it!

FYI; Highbrow's prices will be increasing post the New Year, so if you want to give your brows a little treat, act fast for the holidays! :)

Happy soon to be Thanksgiving! Love to all. Xx. E.


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