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How to Rock Crops & My Weekly Workout Routine

PC: Kellie Rae Studio

Tie Front Striped Pants | Lace Crop Top: Vici Dolls

HeyAll! I shot out a poll on my IG story asking what blog post you all would most like to read - & I had an overwhelming amount of "weekly workout routine" requests - so here it is! A little week in the life of my workouts, definitely give or take depending on the week, my work schedule, & my level of motivation. ;)

I also wanted to give a little "how-to" when it comes to crop tops - becuz for me they are one of my favorite Summer pieces to wear in a mix of different ways & I feel like I have been incorporating them into a lot of different outfits. I know for some gals they might just not be your thing, but I think for a lot of women - if they found out a mix of different ways to rock one (without really feeling or looking like you are rocking one), you might be more amped to buy & pair with a variety of different pieces! You can pretty much make the decision of going full coverage (yes you can be fully covered with a crop top), showing a small amount of skin, or a lot of skin. I usually tend to pair with high waisted shorts/jeans to show a sliver of skin - but I am also really loving the 2 piece set look right now! For example (pulled from some of my personal #ootds): {two piece set} {w/ high waisted shorts} {w/ track pants} {w/ high waisted denim jeans} & {w/ white jeans}! & here are 5 ways to rock a crop as seen in the media (& that I think are oh so cute)!

5 Ways to Rock a Crop:

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via Jolie Fashion

1. Rock with high waisted jeans/jean shorts.

via Shop Daily Chic

2. Pair with high waisted tie pants. (Also like I did in photos above).

via Southern Curls & Pearls

3. Wear as a set! (Sets are amazing because you can also wear the pieces separately).

via Ferbena

4. It looks amazing with a high waisted skirt! (Midi, mini, or maxi).

via PopSugar

5. Under a jacket with higher waisted pants. (Linen, jean, slacks, track, etc) to cover up but show just enough!

YAY for crops!

Now for my workout routine! - this is an ideal M-F situation (sometimes I will throw in a Saturday depending on my work week). I work 12 hour shifts at the hospital, & it is a complete hit or miss whether its night or day shift. If I am not home for 13 hours in a day - there is no way I am making it to the gym. I am not one of those people that can haul as* all day at work & then hit the gym pre or post. Sometimes if I work night shift I will lightly run pre night to get my energy up - but otherwise those are off days when I am working!

Monday: HIIT Circuit Workout or Yoga HIIT (50-60 min)

Either at home (I use BBG otherwise I'll throw my own together from time to time) - but mostly I go to Jessica Rossing Fitness for these workouts (*see below). My home HIIT workouts are 25-30 min with a cool down, & when I go to class they are a 20 min yoga warm up, 20 min HIIT circuit, & then a 20 min cool down (Yoga HIIT). Otherwise I will just do a complete HIIT circuit class that involves a full 50 min HIIT circuit with a really quick warm up & cool down. SO many ways to mix it up!

Example: I pulled this from a Yoga HIIT class at JRF - 30 biceps, 10 burpees, 30 triceps, & 10 half burpees (9 minute round as many times as you can run through) - Bicycle Abs (2 minutes) - 30 bent over rows, 10 jumping jacks, 30 push ups, & 10 jump lunges (9 minute round as many times as you can run through) - making a 20 minute set! You'll be dripping, I promise!

Tuesday: Running Intervals (either on the treadmill or outside - 45 min)

Example: I warm up at a 3 mph speed (fast walk) for 5 min, & then I alternate between 1 minute of 7-8 mph speed (sprint) & 4-5 mph speed (light jog) for 35 min, & then end with a cool down of 2-3 mph (light-fast walk).

Wednesday: Yoga Sculpt (60 min)

This workout is my favorite. It is REALLY intense - but the feeling post is literally indescribable. You pretty much work every little muscle in your body & you don't even have time to think about it until you are done! Sculpt involves a flow with weights & cardio that mixes everything up.

Thursday: Yoga HIIT (60 min)

Friday: Running Intervals (either on the treadmill or outside - 30 min)

Saturday: (depending on my week in workouts/work schedule - Yoga Sculpt or Running Intervals 35 min)

* I do all of my Yoga Sculpt/HIIT classes at Jessica Rossing Fitness Downtown Duluth. Jess (& her whole team - heyyyy JEAN) has been an actual GODSEND when it comes to my workouts & my routine! Not to mention we have become fast friends, & she is the sweetest soul. I absolutely LOVE her, her studio, her vibes, her classes, & the motivation she brings to each & every person that steps into her studio, + she is completely reasonably priced. TRY A CLASS. You won't regret it. Side note: I don't rep for Jess or JRF - I just love what her workouts have brought to my life that much I have to shoutout. Info below! <3 *

Jessica Rossing Fitness
20 N. 2nd Ave E. Duluth MN, 55802

Lately Summer has really been getting to me & I haven't been following my diet/workout routine as strictly as I have at times in the past. What I have noticed personally is that things fluctuate a lot for me (daily tbh) & of course as everyone should know - when I see the biggest & best changes in my body it is VERY much dependent on what I am cooking in the kitchen. If I am eating out a lot I notice I am more tired, bloated, & just blah. I try to primarily cook at home, but of course in the Summer, that isn't so easy with all the fun! Best advice I can give when it comes to working out/eating healthy/seeing results - don't give up. A little is a lot. Baby steps. It is okay to fall down & take a few steps back. You can always start TODAY! In college/highschool I seriously didn't work out a DAY. I don't even think I knew what a routine was. I ate crap constantly - & the biggest change I noticed when I started these small strides was my mental & physical happiness & energy secondary to it. Of course seeing changes in my body puts a smile on my face, but what makes me smile MOST is the feeling I get post a workout regardless of where my body is at. This is the mentality that got me to really find a routine & stick to it - vs. trying to maintain a "perfect" figure consistently. I know that I feel SO much better even if I just get that 20 min run done, or that 6 am workout complete - even if I "cheat" with my meal that night. You will start to see those changes & feelings too! I promise. :)

In my story today - I had a good amount of requests for a "summer staples" blog post (what to wear, read on the beach, beauty buys to beat the heat, etc) - & so I will try to whip that out in the next week or so here too! I know I don't frequent the whole actual blogging thing but it is definitely fun to sit back and put these together every once in awhile. Hope everyone's Summer is treating them AMAZING. Per usual - I feel like it is jam packed & going way too quickly! Tis the SZN.

Love ya'll! XX. E.

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