Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What I Eat: A {Good} Day in the Life

Hey loves! So I know I always say this, but I really do want to start blogging a bit more - I have this space on the web that I worked on for over a year, & I feel like I never utilize it. I really need to start! Like I said on my Instagram the other week, it is really hard for me to come up with stuff to write about lately. I think I am too hard on myself, I am always thinking: "no one will want to read that, thats not interesting enough, no one wants to listen to you ramble...etc." For me personally, I think 2019 is going to be a year of immense growth & change. I feel like 2018 I kind of kept myself at a standstill, because I was okay with routine, & I felt comfortable - but maybe not super happy in some aspects? Feeling a void. Like something was missing. One of my goals for 2019, & 29 (I have a lot of them this year) - is to listen to myself, not care so much about what other people think, & be okay with big changes. One of them - blogging & not giving a (excuse this) f*ck about if people like what I write about or not. & here I go rambling again... ;)

BUT despite the fact that I am going to write what I want to write about - I also love sharing this platform with all of YOU & sharing things that YOU guys want to read about. So. I put out a poll on stories the other week asking what you guys wanted to see. & one of the most wanted posts? Recipes. I feel like this is common ground for everyone. We all like to eat amiright?

Generally, I try to eat pretty healthy. Actually - tbh, I am the first person I need to stress this to right now. I have gone a bit off the handle if you will, eating A LOT over the holidays & its time to come back around to real life eats here! ;) I know I have said this in the past - but in college I literally didn't care about what I ate. I ate out constantly, had pizza rolls/cream cheese wontons/buffalo chicken in the freezer (& consumed this almost every night), & rarely ate a fruit or veg. I also felt like absolute crap majority of the time, was tired as f because all I did was eat, study, or go out when I found the time, & I was literally 30 lbs heavier. Yes, 30 lbs.

Now I {generally} try to only eat out or order in 1-2x a week tops, meal plan for dinners (I don't prep but I try to plan what I might make that week so I have healthier options in the house to choose from), & along with diet I work out at LEAST 3-5x a week depending on my work schedule. Most weeks I do make it 5! I will say, I do allow myself a "cheat" meal at least 1-2x a week (usually on the weekends). I generally don't "cut" things out of my diet - carbs, sugar, dairy, etc, because for me - this actually just makes me want it more. Back before I found this "lifestyle change" I literally tried every diet in the book. I cut carbs, I counted calories, I said no sugar, etc. I would make it say a month cutting these things, & then when the next month came I would just binge on bread or sugar or whatever it may be I cut because I hadn't had it all month, & then I was right back where I started. Now, I generally do pay attention to carbs/cals/sugar content in things - but I'm not insane about it (although sometimes I do take "breaks" from certain foods just to feel better in general). I just try to stick to a general diet routine & I told myself this is it for me. I can't ever go back to freezer food/fast food/take out/pizza every night Emily or I won't be happy. & this has worked. & I feel obviously so much better & my body has responded to it!

Also, I generally drink like 5 20 oz water bottles a day. I ALWAYS have water by me if I am at home - at work, not so easy. But I drink as much water as possible & this makes a big difference in the amount I snack/how energized I feel.

Okay - on to a {good} day in the life. I say good because I told ya'll I do "cheat" & I have days I don't eat so great. I love pizza (ultimate weakness) & homemade spaghetti (which I have a healthier option to this as well - I can share with you guys!) & sometimes order/get take out on the weekends. & I am 100% okay with that! But heres a typical weekday for me:


(I always usually work out in the AM at 6-8A so I try to have bigger breakfasts to correlate with my workouts) - if I am working I work at 7A usually, so my breakfast routines aren't as spot on, but I still try!

+ Yogurt (I like basic vanilla greek), or I LOVE the "Oui Yogurts" in all flavors - with granola & raspberries/blueberries

+ Avocado toast (as seen above) - I make all variations, on wheat toast, with one avocado total between the 2 pieces of bread, everything but the bagel seasoning to top/or red pepper flakes, & sometimes for a treat I sprinkle on goat cheese, with a drizzle of lemon olive oil. SO DANG GOOD.

*I also love avocados baked in the oven with an egg in the middle. Such a power breakfast & fills me up for the whole morning.

+ Or, a protein smoothie! I have vanilla protein powder with a few chunks of ice, skim/coconut/almond milk, usually a dash of yogurt to thicken it, & whatever fruit I have stashed in the house. Otherwise I will use peanut butter/banana as a solidifier!

& always coffee! Usually only one cup with a splash of the "natural sweet cream creamer." If I am at work, all bets are off. Sometimes I have 2-3 :O


Lunches are hard for me. I won't lie, depending on my breakfast - I sometimes (usually) skip lunch unless I am at work! Work changes the game for me. I am literally RUNNING my ass off - if anyone doesn't know I am a hospital RN - so I am on my feet all day for 12 hours. I eat a lot more than I would at home at work. This routine works for me & I am usually full till dinner but I know it doesn't work for everyone! If I do have lunch it usually involves:

+ Butter lettuce or spinach salad with strawberries, walnuts, green onion, goat cheese, & balsamic vinaigrette.

+ Wrap (usually whole wheat) with turkey, low cal swiss cheese, mustard, light mayo.

+ a few pieces of turkey with cheese & mustard


I have so many dinner options so for right now I am just going to share one that I usually make 2-3 nights a week. It is so filling, easy to prep, & veggie packed!

+ Protein/Veggie Bowl - like I said, a staple in my diet. There are so many variations of these! I get the ready rice in brown/jasmine/basmati. Depending on what type of bowl I want to make (thai, mexican, bbq, etc), make the rice - chop up veggies or a base (usually cucumber, green onion, carrots, corn, green pepper, sweet potato, avocado, anything really) - throw on top of rice, pick your protein (I do chicken usually but tonight I am doing pulled pork, I sometimes do shrimp, or ground turkey if I am feeling a Mexican vibe, etc.) & then sometimes I'll throw on shredded cheese or goat cheese depending on what type of bowl I pick, & drizzle with a sauce of some sort - siracha, bbq, thai peanut, buffalo, etc. SO many variations to do with these & they are SO good! Ya'll will love these & be so satisfied after!


+ I LOVE reduced fat cheese its. They are a weakness, & I snack on them usually between breakfast/lunch, lunch/dinner.

+ Pickles. I know weird right? But I find they give me just enough zing to be fulfilled & I only need like 3-4 of them. I like the sweet & spicy babies. ;)

+ Tortilla chips - with greek yogurt/franks red as a dip. Sounds weird right? LITERALLY SO GOOD. You just take like 2-3 spoonfuls of greek yogurt (non-flavored obvi), add in 2-3 tbsps of franks red buffalo, sprinkle with say parsley or everything but the bagel seasoning & voila! Best. Dip. Eva.


I am not a huge dessert person. I don't love sweets... okay well I like sweets but honestly I get sick of them very quickly. Which may be a blessing, but my weak spot for savory is a curse. If I have a sweet tooth, its always right before bed - & in that case:

+ Cool Whip. HOLY MOLY. I just stumbled upon this as a dessert option & it is a game changer. Freeze this stuff & it acts as a better ice cream. No joke. So good. & only 25 cals a serving!

+ Halo Top Ice Cream! I love all flavors! Pistachio is my favorite ;)

+ Fruit Smiles! (am I 5? Lol.) I love these little fruit snacks & they are only 90 cals a pack! They sometimes fight my cravings more than just your basic fruit options.

+ Okay & my favorite dessert... a glass of red wine. Literally will give up a dessert any day for this sweet smooth blend. NOM.

& there we have it! A little {good} day in the life of eats for me! Hope you guys get some inspiration from these meals & if you have any questions ALWAYS feel free to DM/email me! Info in the contact tab of my page.

Love ya'll & Happy February. XX.


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