Friday, January 31, 2020


Wow! I can’t believe my 20's are behind me. I feel like I dreaded this birthday up until this point, & now I am actually extremely excited for this next chapter. My 20's brought me a lot of things - both good & bad. Most importantly they taught me lessons, matured me, made me realize who I did & didn’t want to be. They also made me realize that I’ll probably never stop learning & evolving, & that that is the beauty of this thing called life. Specifically here’s 30 things I have learned by 30:

1. Grilled cheese & ketchup will never stop being the greatest combination, ever.

2. You are never too old to need, (or to call) your Mom.

3. Post workout endorphins can’t be matched, especially for your mental state. MOVE.

4. If you find your people. The friendships & great loves that make you whole, that solidify & make you better: keep them.

5. If you have people in your life that aren’t doing that, ^^ lose them.

6. Love hard.

7. Don’t tan aggressively. Wear your sunscreen - your skin will thank you later.

8. On that note - develop a skincare routine! Take your makeup off before bed. Thank me later.

9. Eat well. Listen to your body. What food makes you feel good?

10. Read. Educate yourself. Push beyond the limits you’ve developed for your mind.

11. Create hobbies - that YOU enjoy. Not what you think you should be doing based on others.

12. Don’t do drugs. Period.

13. TRAVEL THE WORLD. Go places you’ve never been! Even if it’s in your same state.

14. Journal. Write your thoughts down.

15. SAVE YO $$$$$. To an extent. Spend smart! But also splurge every once in a while. Have cushion the best you can.

16. Go to dang SCHOOL. You don’t need all A's, but dang it just try your best - & go to class.

17. Find a career you love & go for it. No one wants a job they dread going to everyday.

18. Realize it’s never too late to change career paths! ^^ the only one stopping you is you.

19. Play an instrument, at least once.

20. Value your family. Listen to your parents. Hug your siblings after a fight. Say I love you when you leave. Make it a priority to visit & see them.

21. Don’t ever go to bed (too) angry.

22. Value your health while you have it. Take care of yourself. Sleep enough but not too much.

23. You never know when it might be the last time or moments with someone. Try to keep that in mind on the daily.

24. Wine in Italy will always & forever be THE BEST wine there is, & GOOD pasta - & pizza - does wonders for the soul.

25. On that note ^ don’t drink excessively, & don’t drink on an empty stomach - & don’t only eat pasta & pizza.

26. Let your low days be low, but not too low. Find what keeps you afloat & float on that. If you “fall” down, get back up as quick as you can! Never underestimate the value of a good cry, or laugh, or PRAYER.

27. One of the best feelings EVER is getting off of the beach or lake after a full day of sun & sand & water, & taking a shower - & then putting on your fave lotion - & feeling warm & just free. Cherish small moments where you just feel pure good.

28. Get a pet. Dog, cat, bird, hamster, whatever! Just get one & love & care for it with all ya got. It fills your heart.

29. Don’t be too afraid of change.

30. Take the dang picture.

This list could go on & on. Ultimately I am beyond thankful for these lessons, & for the new ones everyday. I am thankful for all of the days behind me, & for all of the days ahead. Thirty, I am ready for you. I really ACTUALLY think you might be the best years yet.

Thankful to have YOU (yes you!) in my corner. Love you all.

Xx. E.


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